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Content Writer (fully remote + great autonomy + awesome humans) [CLOSED]

Full Time 1200.00 - 1500.00 EUR Type: Monthly

Social Media Marketi... Email Marketing SEO Copywriting Ghost Writing English - speaking English - writing Content SEO

About the company

We are a sales enablement consulting business focused on guiding sales leaders to transform inconsistent sales execution and suboptimal results into robust, scalable success. 

Leveraging a unique blend of systems thinking & technology, training & development, and coaching & psychology expertise, we design enablement systems that drive consistent sales performance, exceptional business outcomes, and increased revenue growth.

We focus on:

  • Boosting sales teams' resilience and emotional intelligence, fostering a resilient, high-performing culture.
  • Infusing a strategic, structured approach into sales enablement initiatives, driving consistency and coherence.
  • Amplifying sales outcomes - from increasing opportunities and deal values to improving win rates and reducing the sales cycle.


About the role

We are searching for a dynamic, innovative, and dedicated Content Writer to join our team on a full-time basis. 

This is an exciting opportunity for an individual ready to work closely with me, making a meaningful impact in a growing business with an ambitious vision of becoming one of the best hubs of sales enablement expertise in the world. If you are passionate about content creation, sales and marketing you are in the right place!

As the in-house Content Writer you will: 

  • Execute the SEO Content Strategy to improve online visibility and drive engagement on Google Search results.
  • Write high-quality, SEO-optimised blog posts that echo our brand messaging and value proposition, and educate the reader on all things sales enablement.
  • Draft engaging and effective newsletters to educate and nurture our community.
  • Support the creation of impactful LinkedIn content to boost our brand and connect with our audience.
  • Collaborate directly with me to ensure that the content aligns with overall strategic goals and maintains a consistent brand voice.

About you

I am seeking a talented Content Writer (2+ years of experience) with the following characteristics:

  • SEO Savvy: Your familiarity with SEO best practices is essential, as you will be spearheading the execution of an SEO content strategy, crafting SEO-optimised blog posts.
  • Detail-Oriented: You have an exceptional eye for detail, ensuring content is error-free, consistent in voice, and aligned with brand guidelines.
  • Curiosity and Eagerness to Learn: You are ready to dive into the world of sales enablement and psychological insights, demonstrating a constant thirst for knowledge.
  • Storytelling Ability: Your ability to create compelling narratives that captivate our audience is strong.
  • Research Proficient: You possess strong research skills that enable you to deliver in-depth, insightful content.
  • Adaptable: You're versatile, capable of writing in various formats - from blog posts to newsletters to LinkedIn content - and adapting your style to different platforms and audiences.
  • Self-Motivated: With the role's autonomous nature, your self-drive, excellent time management, and ability to meet deadlines will be key.
  • Collaborative Spirit: Even while working independently, you understand the importance of collaboration, particularly with me, to ensure that the content fits my vision and strategic goals.
  • Creative Thinker: You have the ability to generate innovative content ideas, bringing a unique flair that sets our brand apart.
  • Analytical Mind: You know how to interpret content performance metrics and adjust strategies accordingly, fostering continuous improvement in our content's effectiveness.
  • A prior experience or interest in areas like sales, marketing, social media and technology is a plus.
  • You can work at least 30 hours per week.
  • If you've read through this application be sure to include the keyword "Enablement" in your application.

What's in it for you?

Joining my team means you will:

  • Have the flexibility to work on your schedule and from wherever you like.
  • Experience a high degree of autonomy in your role.
  • Enjoy a rich learning opportunity in the areas of business, sales, coaching, training and psychology.
  • Benefit from free personal coaching, as I am a fully accredited coach with the International Coaching Federation.
  • Have the chance to grow personally and financially alongside the business, with promotion and progression opportunities as the company expands.

If you are ready to contribute meaningfully to a growing business, apply now to join my team and make a difference in the emerging world of sales enablement!

Salary Range*: €1200 - €1500 per month depending on experience. 

*Please note that this is a gross salary and that you are responsible for any tax-related procedures in your country of residence. Therefore, we kindly ask you to apply only if you are happy to work remotely as an independent contractor.

How to apply?

You can apply by sending me a message directly on Jobrack and attaching your CV plus some examples of your written work (including things like blog posts, reports, social media posts and the like).  

Federico Presicci Consulting

We are a sales enablement consulting business focused on guiding sales leaders to transform inconsistent sales execution and suboptimal results int...

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