why Eastern European Remote Workers Are the Best in the World

Why Eastern European Remote Workers Are the Best in the World

Strategically choosing and hiring the right workers is crucial for the success of a company.

That’s why more and more smart business owners are choosing to expand their horizons and widen their talent pool by hiring remote workers. In fact, more than half of businesses today offer some telecommuting opportunities.

There are numerous benefits to hiring remotely – it means that you can get the most qualified candidates from anywhere in the world for less money.

But why do so many successful companies choose to hire from Eastern Europe

Well, read on and we’ll explain why Eastern European remote workers are simply the best in the world.

Great Education & Language Skills

One of the things that make Eastern European jobseekers stand out is their excellent education. 

Combining traditional educational standards and exceptional science and technology programs, Eastern European countries provide high-quality education. This leads to well educated, hard-working and responsible individuals.

However, in many of these countries unemployment still runs high.

Because of this, Eastern Europeans get excellent education without much room to put their knowledge into practice. Many Eastern European countries offer few job opportunities, so remote work appeals to college graduates as much as it appeals to business owners looking for hard-working, high-quality remote employees.


You will also find that many Eastern Europeans are constantly attending additional courses and working on self-improvement. And once they get a good opportunity, they become loyal and motivated workers.


Another important thing to consider is language. 


If you have a remote team, you need to be sure that your employees can communicate effectively. And Eastern Europeans are known for their excellent English skills.


Aside from introducing English courses to elementary school students from an early age, Eastern Europe is highly influenced by the popular culture of the United States.

This brings closer not only the cultural and professional habits, but language. You will find that many Eastern European remote workers have great English speaking and writing skills.

Many Eastern European universities also offer study programs in English, so fresh graduates are ready for international opportunities.

Eastern Europe hiring remotely

A Win-Win Situation

One of the first things that comes to mind when you have to hire a new worker is your budget. Hiring a new employee is an investment, and if you have a small team and a growing business, you will want the best value.

But offering a lower salary usually means that you need to sacrifice the quality of work, right?

Not with Eastern European workers. 

If you choose to outsource to Eastern European countries, you can still get high-quality workers AND save money.

This is possible because these countries have a lower cost of living.

For example, rent in Ukraine is on average 77% lower than in the US. You can find an apartment for 300$ per month right in the city center.

That’s why you can offer a lower salary than what you would normally pay to a worker  in the US or other Western countries. However, do offer a competitive, reasonable amount of money to your new hire. 

If your employees feel that you’re using them, they will soon find someone who can make a more reasonable offer. You will end up with a higher turnover of staff and will have to deal with replacing the worker in your team.

It’s never a good idea to underpay your remote worker, even if their country has a lower cost of living. Instead, you should find a balance by offering them a deal that works great for both of you.

You will pay less than what you’re used to and they will get more than they would if they got a job in their own country.

This way, it’s a win-win situation. And you can build a loyal, diverse team that will stay with your company as it grows. 

Here at JobRack, we have an excellent team of Eastern European remote workers, and we guarantee you will be satisfied too.

Best Countries To Find Eastern European Remote Workers

Eastern Europe outsourcing map

All the Eastern European countries on this map have excellent talent. 

When it comes to the tech industry, Poland and Ukraine are at the top of the most favorable outsourcing destinations

You will find that Croatia, Serbia, Czech Republic, Romania, and many other Eastern European countries rank very high when it comes to EF’s global rankings of countries and regions by English skills

With the perfect cost to quality ratio, you can hire excellent remote workers for any role you need.

And with a convenient time zone difference and fewer cultural differences than Asia or other popular outsourcing destinations, you will find that Eastern Europe is the best possible choice.

If you want to take advantage of all the benefits Eastern Europe has to offer, you can hire your next remote worker right here on JobRack. We have thousands of high-quality remote workers who are ready to make the difference in your business. Click here to find out more.