top eastern european countries with technical talent

Top Eastern European Countries With Technical Talent

The tech industry is one of the biggest and fastest-growing industries in the world.

Statistics show that there were over 300,000 new jobs added last year, and more and more people are starting to look into tech careers.

Due to the nature of most tech jobs available, hiring remotely is a great way to get high-quality employees. This way, you can form a very well-rounded team without limiting yourself to the local area’s talent pool. Communication is fast and easy, work schedules are flexible, and the talent is versatile.

And you can gain even more by hiring workers from Eastern Europe since the tech industry in Eastern European countries is full of untapped potential.

In this article, we bring you the top 5 Eastern European countries with technical talent.


With the fastest-growing economy in the European Union, Poland is slowly coming to the front of the tech industry in Eastern Europe.

What does that exactly mean in terms of potential work candidates?

Well, there is a huge amount of high-quality developers.

Poland is the home of many tech start-ups such as the social learning network Brainly and online healthcare booking platform DocPlanner.

It’s even home to Europe’s second-largest video game developer and publisher, CD Projekt Red, valued at $8 billion. 

All these factors contribute to the rising interest of young people in tech careers.

Thanks to a great educational system and government incentives for tech careers, Poland had over 260,000 developers in 2018. This number is continually growing. 

That’s why hiring technical remote workers such as Developers and Designers from Poland is a great option.

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Since 2014, the Ukrainian government has been supporting investments from abroad, and this has led to a boost to their IT companies. Today, they have over 1,000 companies with over 160,000 IT professionals.

Considering that the countries’ universities produce around 15,000 tech graduates a year, it’s safe to assume that this sector is going to keep growing.

Because of all of this, the country was ranked third in the world for its number of IT specialists and was named Outsourcing Destination of the Year in 2017 by the Global Sourcing Agency (GSA).

One of the best-known companies is definitely GSC Game World, best known for the Cossacks and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game series. It’s one of the leading development companies in Europe.


There are a lot of factors that make Romania a great country for tech businesses.

A long history of academic computer research and a well-educated tech workforce both contribute to the country’s outsourcing potential.

Romania has even attracted the attention of industry giants such as Microsoft and Huawei and has homegrown contenders such as Bitdefender

Over 100,000 professionals are working for 20,000 companies across the country, with a yearly increase of around 7,000 new graduates.

This might sound like a crowded market to find potential candidates, but keep in mind that outsourcing is a large part of the Romanian economy.

Software outsourcing has accounted for around 5% of the country’s GDP (around $4.2 billion) and  HackerRank placed it in the top 20 countries with quality developers.

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Czech Republic

When it comes to cybersecurity, the Czech Republic is hard to beat.

It is ranked among the top 10 best-protected countries against cyberattacks in the world.

That comes as no surprise, seeing as how the antivirus company Avast is from Prague.

Aside from cybersecurity, the country’s software development is thriving thanks to foreign investments and EU funds. Between 1996 and 2017, Czech Republic saw significant economic growth with their Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita growing by 62%. 

Czechia also has a high university enrolment rate (around 64%), with the two preferred courses being Science and Engineering & Technology.

With around 6,000 graduates a year, this country’s talent pool is a great resource for potential employers. 

Bosnia and Herzegovina

With a high number of new IT specialists, the tech industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina is at an all-time high. 

Companies such as ATLANTBH and Klika are on par with some of the bigger companies in Western countries. 

However, Bosnia is a fertile ground for outsourcing, due to a somewhat lacking amount of companies dedicated strictly to IT development

Around 1,000 new specialists graduate every year from the universities in Sarajevo, the country’s capital city. A lot of young people are eager to start working as soon as possible. Due to a lack of available jobs within the country, they usually seek remote work. 

That’s why hiring a remote worker from this country can be very beneficial for both you and your new employee.


All of the Eastern European countries have amazing technical talent –  we’ve just picked out the top five. Whichever Eastern European country you hire your next technical role from, you will not be disappointed.

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