5 ways to improve loyalty of your remote employees

5 Ways to Improve Loyalty of Your Remote Employees

The loyalty of your remote employees can greatly contribute to the company’s success. Reliable and loyal workers are more productive and focused on their work.

A new hire requires time to reach full productivity – some studies claim this process can last up to two years. Each of your team members also needs time to adjust to the new co-worker.

That’s why constantly hiring new employees can result in poor work performance

Additionally, high employee turnover costs a lot of money. 

If you want to avoid additional expenses and grow your business, you have to maintain the engagement and loyalty of your remote employees. Here are five tips that can help. 

1. Improve Loyalty by Facilitating Communication

Every employee wants to feel like an important part of the company. They want to communicate their ideas, connect with their team, and make their voice heard. 

However, remote workers can sometimes feel disengaged and disconnected from the rest of the team. 

They are also more likely to feel lonely than non-remote workers. This can directly influence their loyalty. In fact, statistics show that lonely workers think about quitting their job more than twice as often as those who do not feel lonely. 

That’s why you have to constantly encourage communication within your team. 

Don’t just organize online meetings, help remote employees engage by reducing distractions and directly asking for their opinions.

Encourage peer-to-peer feedback to facilitate cooperation and improve performance.

Make sure your workers know that they are a valuable part of the organization.

2. Offer a Fair & Competitive Salary

The simplest and the most important way to improve employee loyalty is to offer a competitive salary. 

If you underpay your employees, they will feel like you are taking advantage of them. 

And they will probably try to find another job as soon as possible.

Aside from being unfair, underpaying your employees will actually make you lose money. Employee turnover will cost you far more than the money you will save by underpaying them. If you don’t want to constantly replace and train new employees, offer a competitive salary from the beginning.

Your employees will be more invested and their performance will be better.

Here are some additional reasons why you should never underpay your remote workers.

3. Flexibility Leads to Remote Worker Loyalty

According to a recent survey, 74% of workers said they would quit their current jobs to work for an organization offering remote-work options. 

Aside from this, a report from 2019 has shown that 40% of remote workers think that flexibility is the biggest benefit of remote work.

This means that remote workers value the freedom that they can’t get from working in an office.

It is definitely important to check in on your remote employees, but try to avoid micromanaging and maintain a stress-free atmosphere as much as possible. 

If you allow your workers to complete their tasks according to their own schedule, they will feel relaxed and more productive.

4. Don’t Overwork Your Remote Employees

It is natural to focus on how your employees can be more productive and motivated to complete more tasks. However, you have to be careful about overworking them.

This is especially tricky when it comes to remote employees who sometimes work flexible and part-time hours. 

You may be tempted to think of them as workers who can step in at the last minute and easily take care of additional tasks. But overworking remote employees can be stressful, damaging, and eventually result in higher employee turnover. 

If you constantly assign too many tasks to your best worker, you may end up losing them. 

That’s why you should never give your workers more than they can handle. 

This will increase productivity as well as loyalty.

5. Show Appreciation

Recognizing your remote employees’ hard work is vital for improving loyalty. 

Although showing your appreciation with salary bonuses is great, simply praising your workers will also do wonders for your team.

If your workers feel like their job is helping the entire company function better, they will feel motivated and proud of their achievements

Treat them as an important part of the company, and they will become one. They also won’t feel the need to look for a different job.


We hope these tips will help you improve the loyalty and engagement of your remote employees. 


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