How Your Company Can Benefit from Hiring Remote Employees

Amid the ongoing situation involving a global pandemic, many companies have turned to remote working models. However, remote workers have been around for a long time before this and there are already numerous tools on the web to make remote working a possible alternative.

Read on to understand how your company can benefit from hiring remote employees.

In the last few years, the number of companies that hire remote workers has increased significantly thanks to enhanced connectivity and digitalization. 

Despite this, there are still businesses that remain apprehensive towards remote working. The main reason is that they feel the level of supervision is not the same as when the employee works in the actual office. We are here to prove otherwise. Here are some benefits to hiring a remote worker that may change that opinion:


Money makes the world go round, so what better for an operation than saving money? Real state is one of the biggest expenses a company can have, and having remote workers allow them to have smaller offices. In some cases, small companies can even eliminate physical offices and be completely online. 


Companies also save money on the payroll because some employees will accept a reduction in salary for the opportunity to work from home or remotely. A business could save up to $10,000 per employee per year according to a study made by PGi. 

Increased Productivity

Working from home allows employees to set their own pace. Although remote working is not for everyone, there are many that concentrate better in their own space. Also, many employees aren’t their most productive in the common office hours (9-5) and thus remote working allows them to set a schedule that works best for them. 


In fact, remote workers are more productive because they ask for fewer sick days, are most likely to work overtime, have higher job satisfaction, and have less distraction from coworkers. 


Remote Workers Working All Over the World


Wider Talent Pool


A great benefit of hiring remote workers is that the talent pool is much wider. Instead of being limited by your town or country for bigger companies, you have the option to hire from every country of the world. Depending on the type of professional a company is looking for, they could find class A workers at lower salary rates. For instance, a US-based design company could find a professional software engineer in Eastern Europe for less than half the cost of hiring locally in the US.. 


Today’s young professionals are also used to a quick and changing world, and they expect the same for their career life. Remote working permits a more flexible environment that will attract young talent, and most importantly keep them. 

Extended Work Hours


Due to the possibility to work from any part of the world, a company with remote workers could have extended work hours. With the difference in time zones, you could have workers on call 24 hours a day. And having remote workers from different countries will also allow companies to maintain operations even when it is a holiday in the country where the headquarters are. 

More Diversity


A benefit of having workers from different countries will help to increase diversity, which means your company will gather varied points of view when approaching a topic or problem. With diverse opinions from different backgrounds, a company could produce better products and overall results. Also, it will allow a business to broaden its target market with insights into other cultures. 


A Greener Option


With climate change getting worse over time, going green is not an option but a necessity. Hiring remote workers is not only a less expensive option but a greener one too. Reducing office spaces not only save cost but it also saves electricity, generates less waste, and less air pollution due to commuting. This will make the company more sustainable over time.  


Now these are just a few of the many reasons why you should consider hiring remotely for your business.


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