How To Hire a Remote Content Writer

Content writers are one of the best investments you can make for your business. They will save you a ton of time you’d normally spend trying to put together a blog post yourself that probably won’t be very good!

Good content writers can boost your business sky-high, because today, your customers and potential customers are hungry for quality content more than ever. Quality content drives conversions, conversions bring money – simple as that.

Here on JobRack, we have plenty of quality remote content writers from Eastern Europe, and employers who have hired them return again and again wanting more. We get amazing feedback from our customers, not just that Eastern Europeans are extremely dedicated to work, but that their English skills are fantastic, which results in them being able to provide amazing quality when it comes to writing.

So if you think you might need a content writer for your business here’s a complete guide on how to hire a remote content writer.


Write a great content writer job advert


Always make sure you put effort into writing a high-quality job description that will be the advert for your job. Great content writers are in high demand and your advert needs to persuade them to want to work for you and your business. The better you describe what you are looking for and need, better the chances of getting quality applicants that meet your requirements.

Ensure your job post has these headings:

  • Who are you / your business – what do you do
  • The position you are hiring for
  • Mandatory skills your candidates must have
  • Desirable skills your candidates might have
  • Experience you want them to have
  • What do you expect from them as a possible future employee
  • What can they expect from you
  • Ways of working – with you and your team
  • What’s in it for them? What’s great about working for your company
  • How to apply


Once you complete this, let your job advert be for a couple of days. 

Want to see a great example? Check out this amazing job post from one of our emplyers for some inspiration!


Choose where to advertise your content writer role


This step might seem obvious but if you want to find the right people for your business you need to be looking in the right places!. In order to find a content writer, you’ll need to publish a job advert on at least one relevant platform. You have a variety of options when it comes to hiring platforms and it’s essential that you choose the right place to find your content writer. Great sites include:

  1. We Work Remotely – You can find really good content writers from all over the world here for a single job post fee of $299
  2. – Just like We Work Remotely, these guys target only remote workers, and you can find a remote content writer for a single job post fee of $299
  3. Upwork – one of the most popular places to find remote workers. However, even though Upwork is huge, you are likely to get plenty of applications from Asian countries and usually people who are working per project, not the full or part-time employee who will work with you on growing your business. Also, considering the latest Upwork fee changes, hiring on Upwork might not be the right choice for you. 
  4. ProBlogger – one of the best-known places for hiring good remote writers. Job posts for one month are just  $70 however be aware that as it’s a heavily US-focused site, rates are considerably higher with a large concentration of freelancers vs those looking to be part of your team.
  5. JobRack – With over 7,000 Eastern European jobseekers including hundreds of content writers, plenty of employers are having huge success hiring content writers from JobRack. Job posts cost just $199 and we work closely with you to help you get the great team member you’re looking for.  

No one says it better than our customers: 

Now you’ve got your job post and you’ve decided where to advertise, time to wait for great content writers to apply and you’re into choosing who to hire!


Select the best applicants and test them


It’s important you allow at least a few days for quality applications to come in. We normally recommend 5-7 days to be sure of a good response. 

Check the applications you’ve received and start to filter candidates you think would be a great fit for the role. This number might be 2 or 20 or more, just make sure you review their applications in detail, especially the things that are most important to you.

Once you have filtered we recommend assigning a short test task that gives you a chance to see how the top candidates work, how they communicate and the quality of their writing.

Do not try and get real work done for free through ‘test tasks’! Test tasks are an opportunity for you to test the jobseeker and see how they perform, not for business owners to get thousands of words of content written for free.

Testing candidates will allow applicants to back up their application, and it will show you who provides the quality and responsiveness that works for you.

For content writers particularly you will usually give them a subject or a brief to write about. Make sure you specify how long article should be, and if you require a longer one, note that you will pay them for the effort in writing the article for the test task.

This is a really important step in establishing trust, by offering to pay for the trial tasks it demonstrates you value their time and effort and will be seen very positively by applicants.

This doesn’t need to be top rates just ensure it is a fair token of gratitude for their time. In the end, requesting 2000 words blog post from them for free wouldn’t be fair.

When they complete the test task and send the output to you, take time to review it thoroughly.

Pay attention to these key points:

  • Are they straight-forward with their writing?
  • Are they babbling empty words just to add up to the requested word count?
  • Is the information of suitable quality?
  • Have they referenced their sources?
  • What is their CTA like? Do they use reverse psychology?
  • Do they clearly highlight pain points?
  • Do they offer solutions to all mentioned problems?


Not all of these questions will have answers, but it’s something to think about when you start reviewing the submissions

After reviewing and choosing your shortlist it’s time to speak to them.


Schedule an interview with the top performers


You’ve selected your top performers – job seekers who sent great applications you liked and did the test to a suitable standard

It’s time to meet them!

Schedule a video interview (Skype, Zoom etc) and prepare a set of questions to ask them.

If you want to have a  successful interview, here’s a couple of stages for you to think about going through with your candidate:

  1. Introduction – Welcome your candidate with a smile, take time to put them at ease, have some light chat about their day, where they are in the world. Lose the tension – Bare in mind that your candidate is probably nervous, nervous people don’t show you their true potential so it’s up to you to relax them and put them at ease.
  2. Start talking business – after the initial chat, move into the interview. Start the conversation about their application and test. Say a couple of words of praise about their work and ask them to talk about their past experience and why they want your job.
  3. Ensure that through your interview questions you understand how they work,  when and where they like to work, what their availability is and get a feeling for whether they’re the team fit you’re looking for and need for your business.


Key for every interview is to get to know your candidate better and to see would they be a good fit for your company. 

What questions should you ask?

Of course, you want an A-player. But you don’t want A-player that isn’t the right fit for your business and your team.  It would just be a wrong vibe and disruptive for your company.

Some subjects you should consider talking about:

  • Past experiences
  • Why did they leave their previous role?
  • Why do they want the position with you?
  • What are they looking for over the next few years?
  • What’s their greatest passion (super important for writers)?
  • What do they enjoy writing about and ask for examples of when they last wrote about it?
  • How do they relax? What do they do in their spare time?


All of these questions will tell you more about the person you will work with, so they are very important.

Bear in mind that it’s impossible to fully know someone based on one interview. It will take time as you get to know each other during the first months of them working for you, but during the interview do your best to see is the candidate what you and your business are looking for.


Expectations, Contracts, and Onboarding


You selected your new content writer rockstar. Congratulations!

It’s time for the onboarding process.

During this process, it’s very important that you set clear expectations with your new team member to act as the foundation for a great working relationship. 

Prepare the contract or agreement and make sure that you have clear and precise information included like:

  • Salary details including how and when it will  be paid
  • Holiday / Paid leave details
  • Sick leave details
  • Ways of working and your expectations


Cover these key points ahead of time  to avoid future misunderstandings and frustration

Got questions about hiring remote workers? Check out our FAQ here!

Also, before your new employee starts working, decide together about the payment method. This is a complete story in itself because there are numerous options, so we covered it in a whole article that you can check out by clicking here.

Beside all these things, introduce your new employee to your team, get them familiar with your companies SOPs and ways of working.




Content writers are a very important part of scaling any business. You can find great content writers all over the world so it’s important to choose the right place to find your own rockstar writer. 

Take time to prepare a great job description and ensure you have the time to focus on the hiring process. Every hour invested in hiring the right person now will pay back again and again in the future.

If you’re worried about managing the hiring process or having the time to invest, then take a look at ‘Done For You’ services where expert recruiters and hiring managers will handle it all for you, writing the job description, advertising for candidates, filtering and vetting them, testing them before delivering 2-3 fully tested and vetted candidates ready for your final interview and selection.

Here at JobRack, we have hundreds of great content writers on our database. Whether you’re looking to manage the hiring process yourself or whether you’d like an expert hiring manager to handle it for you we can help

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