How to Hire a Virtual Assistant

You’ve heard from the authors like Tim Ferriss (The 4-Hour Workweek) and Chris Ducker (Virtual Freedom) that great things come to those who work with Virtual assistants.

It’s true – VAs can release you from the burden of administrative tasks and make room for you to work on the high-value decisions.

The person you’re hiring for the VA position should be proactive, precise, and good problem solver. The right one can finally unlock your business potential.

What should you delegate to a VA?

Here are some examples where Virtual Assistants can help:

• Marketing campaign assistance. A VA can help you with digital marketing campaigns by publishing content, curating email lists or posting to social media accounts.
• Sales support. A VA can help create presentations, field some of the inbound calls, or drive traffic to online shops.
• Finance projects: Accounting, receipt transcription, vendor negotiations, and invoicing can all be handled by a virtual assistant.
• General administrative work: travel arrangements, responding to emails, taking notes.

It is very easy to overload a VA with the work that would require a dedicated person, or specialist, for it. For example, VA shouldn’t be a replacement for the Project Manager or Technical Support. She shouldn’t also handle critical business decision – that’s your job, remember?

Define a scope of what you will be delegating first and work on processes. Good way to start is by analyzing which tasks are making you inefficient or unavailable. After that you’ll be ready up the create a job post that would be clearly stating the scope of work for the VA.

How to find a good Virtual Assistant?

Once you have a vision of freeing your time and crafted a perfect job post – it’s time to hit the remote job boards.

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There are some good sites that specialize in matching virtual assistants like Elance and oDesk. Also, there are sites that specialize in the specific region (of course?).

Second, after you have shortlisted the candidates, start with the interviews. Interview questions should be related to the tasks you decided to delegate and to the personal characteristics of the assistant. When you select the right one, don’t forget to draft an agreement to be signed.

Virtual assistants can be a great asset throughout the whole lifecycle of your business. Sometimes they could be hired for a short project, other times businesses can even plan to have one on a standby. All the strategies work if you have the right VA to help you with those too.