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Hire Remotely – The Secret To Doing It Successfully Every Time

The digital businesses are getting united on one stance – the workplace is going virtual and hiring remotely is its new best friend.

Now, with these rapid changes, companies have realized that the best place to find numerous candidates was not a bigger city… but rather the whole world.

So, in order to find their A-players they moved from hiring locally to hiring remotely.

Naturally, the first ones to adopt outsourcing were the online businesses.

As a matter of fact, most of the online companies are already using the remote hiring strategies as their top ace.

If you are wondering how exactly are so many companies manage to hire remotely so successfully, we are giving you a sneak peak based on our own experience running a job board:

1. Open up your mind

When hiring locally, a business is depending on the workforce given in their given vicinity (the most distant being a 2-hour car ride away).

Most small town or mid-sized town businesses are still relying on the local workforce.

Finding new employees entirely from local sources will have you end up with little to no chances of finding a specialist expert for every business area.

A scenario like this limits a company in its growth – both in size and in expertise.

When you hire remotely, it means you will broaden your choice of job seekers, especially those specialized in certain specific expert areas.Hire Remotely in Sausalito

Let’s say you want to outsource mobile app development for a specific project. You are based in Sausalito (what, where?).

Now, out of 7,061 habitants – what are the odds that you find an experienced mobile app developer that could fit in perfectly – and fast?

Yes, it’s a drastic example but you get the point.

Luckily for Sausalito, and the rest of the growing online business scene – outsourcing has opened the door to thousands of app developers and other specialists to fill in the necessary gaps in your company.

2. Adjust your approach

The hiring process needs to be completely online.

That way, you are sure that the candidates you are choosing are already feeling comfortable online and are seeking for an opportunity like yours.

Since you are most probably never going to shake hands – it is important to search for the right online channel to use for your hiring tactics.

Depending on your industry and budget, you can choose one of the channels below when you hire remotely:

  • online job boards,
  • social media and paid ads,
  • expert forums.

3. Set clear and precise expectations

Be clear and precise about your expectations. This rule is important when working in both physical and virtual offices.

It’s easy to make this mistake.

Some of the negative examples we’ve seen online are:

  • Humbly Confident Full Stack Marketing Developer
  • Customer Support Sales Agent
  • Software Developer and SEO Specialist

Not only will that make you more confident about who you want to hire, but it will also give a clear image of your company to the candidates.

Hire Remotely - Portray the right image

However, no matter how clear we think we are about what we want – even the best of us can slip.

Here are the most discussed expectations in the jobseeker-employer relation. Come up with an answer to all of these – and it will help you go through all the interviews quicker and less painful.

  • The exact work hours in a week,
  • Are the work hours flexible, or there are exact shifts,
  • Should the employee work on weekends,
  • What are the time zones when it is expected of the employee to be working,
  • Are there any meetings that have to be attended regardless of the time zone?
  • What is the exact bruto salary expressed in monthly wage and hourly rate
  • When are the expected pay dates in a month?
  • The exact set of activities and obligations
  • What are the dependencies.

4. Hire for attitude, train for skills

To keep your business alive and breathing, you will need a go-getter.

Imagine a day when you call in sick and your full-stack developer got stuck on one task. Shoot, he couldn’t get the help of another team member because … well, because he didn’t ask.

And the business just stands still. Like a puddle. And no stirs.

Until you come and swirl it up to make it up and running again.

Being self-driven and a natural go-getter is an extremely hard thing to find in a candidate (regardless of what they say in the interview).

Fact is, not many people will possess the exact skill set you’ve placed in the job posting (again, regardless of what they say in the interview). Good personality will most probably translate into a very good worker who is eager to learn.

Pro tip: Hire remotely for potential and good attitude, as it will pay out more in the long-term.

5. Test well!

Practice shows that it’s best to organize a skill test and a conference call interview when hiring remotely.

With dozens of professionals fitting your job description to a desirable extent (i.e. being your potential new hire), it is useful to determine their skill levels.

Doing these two rounds will give you enough information to determine both the expert and culture fit.

Additionally, as you move forward in your hiring cycle you can use their experience to determine the salary you want to offer.

At this stage – it is all about avoiding any surprises down the road!

6. Make a good offer

If you pay peanuts, you’ll get monkeys.

As much as outsourcing will help you reduce your investments, finding A-players will help you push your projects forward and make more profit.

And good quality comes at higher price.

Yes, it’s true, outsourcing does give you a broader choice – but do not forget that the remote employees also have the choice among great number of companies wanting to hire remotely.

Make sure to stay competitive and fair to your employees. In return, you will have a loyal new employee, happy to move your business forward.

Stay committed when you decide to hire remotely

To sum up, we know, hiring can be frustrating. Even more if you are in need of a quick replacement or holding your hopes too high on that one candidate.

The brightest companies and the best employers are usually the ones that attract the best job seekers as well.

Hiring process itself takes continuous refinement and numerous adjustments to meet needs and expectations.

That said, we’ve invested a lot of time into crafting our own hiring cycle in order to get the best talent.

We managed to streamline our hiring and recruitment processes to help companies all around the world connect with great staff from Eastern Europe and advance their business.

Sign up for our Done-For-You hiring service and make sure you are hiring for best quality.

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