great holiday gifts for your remote team

Great Holiday Gifts for Your Remote Team

With such a challenging year behind us, the holidays are the perfect time to surprise your remote workers with thoughtful holiday gifts!

We know what you’re thinking – isn’t giving gifts reserved for those who work in an office?

Not really. 

Having a remote team means that you need to make an extra effort to bond with your team, and holidays are a great opportunity to show your appreciation for their hard work.

Remember – gifts are more than just material items, they are ways to boost morale and make your workers feel valued!

But how exactly does it work? How much should you spend? And how do you send it out?

When it comes to the price, that depends on your budget. If you can’t afford to pay for a gift + shipping for your entire team, don’t immediately write off this idea, as there are always ways to cut back on the costs.

For example, streaming services and media subscriptions are very affordable options that your workers can enjoy virtually! However, if you want to get something more personalized, it doesn’t hurt to know a bit more about how your workers across the world celebrate winter holidays.

virtual holiday gifts

Celebrating Holidays Across the World

Although January 1 is recognized as New Year’s Day in the majority of the Western World, many cultures still celebrate traditional holidays according to their own customs.

For example, India will celebrate New Year in April with a nine-day long festival, while the first day of Japanese New Year will be February 12!

Since the Islamic calendar includes 354 days, New Year falls on a different date of the Gregorian calendar each year. The same goes for Jewish New Year, which was celebrated in September this year! The celebration lasts for two days, with many families going to synagogues and expecting Yom Kippur, the most significant Jewish holiday that occurs ten days later.

Celebrating Christmas in Eastern Europe

If you have remote workers from Eastern Europe, you may be curious to know how they celebrate Christmas.

While the Catholic countries celebrate Christmas on December 25, in Orthodox countries (Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Serbia) Christmas is celebrated on January 7.

Bulgarians celebrate Advent – four weeks before Christmas – from November 15th until Christmas. Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) celebrate Advent by lighting one candle each Sunday until Christmas day.  Also, if you ever visit Croatia during this time, we strongly recommend visiting Zagreb’s traditional Advent market!

The truth is, the holiday spirit is in the air throughout the winter in most of these countries. So whenever you choose to send a gift to your remote workers, they will surely appreciate it!

If you want to know more about your remote employees’ countries and traditions, you can organize a virtual party and have each of your employees bring their favorite holiday dish. They can share stories about their traditions and later bond with their co-workers by swapping recipes!

Holiday Gift Ideas

Despite the differences, all of these countries have similar ways of celebrating. People prepare traditional food, visit places of worship, and spend time with their families. That’s why the holidays are the perfect time to spread holiday cheer by giving gifts to your remote workers! Here are some ideas:

  • Media Subscriptions

Media subscriptions are a great option if you want to avoid shipping fees. It’s not easy to get a personalized gift if you don’t know all your employees’ hobbies, but Spotify Premium ($9.99 per month) or Audible Premium ($14.95 per month) are affordable options that anyone can enjoy.

  • Streaming Services

Nothing gets you into the holiday spirit like Christmas movies! That’s why Netflix, Hulu or HBO services are great options for employees who like to relax and binge-watch holiday movies with their families during the weekends.

  • Course Subscriptions

Providing opportunities for your worker’s professional growth is important for two reasons: they’ll feel like they’re progressing in their field and become loyal to your company, and you’ll know that your workers are constantly improving their skills. That’s why giving them a subscription to Skillshare or a similar learning platform is a great holiday present.

The Escape Game gift card is a perfect holiday gift for remote teams that love to organize fun virtual activities. Your workers can choose from several themes and then work together on finding clues and solving missions. The price is $30 per player + shipping. Also, you can include this game as a fun activity in your virtual holiday party!

  • Personalized Items

Whether it’s a mug, a thermos, or a pillow, giving your employees a personalized item has a special meaning. It will remind them of their co-workers and strengthen your bond. You can photoshop a photo of your entire team, order it placed on an item on Etsy and send it to your employees! This way, they’ll have something to remind them of their co-workers, even when they’re miles away.

sending a gift to remote workers

Extra Tips

If buying a gift for each of your remote workers costs more than you can afford, you can always go for a game of Secret Santa. This way, each of your employees will have a chance to get something – and give something in return. It will also help them bond and learn more about one another.

Also, are you’re sending out a gift through the mail? Make sure to include a handwritten note to make your gift extra special!

These were our ideas on holiday gifts for remote workers. Businesses can get busy during the holiday season, as well as it being time to plan for the year ahead, so if you want to expand your team and hire more employees, you can find them right here at JobRack! We have thousands of quality remote workers ready to make a difference for your business. Click here to find out more.