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How to Find and Hire a Good Virtual Assistant

Administrative tasks…

Social media management…

Customer support…



Here’s something we all can agree with: Having the owner or CEO of a business doing minimum-wage tasks doesn’t make sense. So why are you still doing them?!

In his book, The 4-Hour Workweek Tim Ferris said: great things come to those who work with Virtual Assistants.

find hire good virtual assistant

And it is true.

We already talked about why you should hire remotely, and virtual assistants are people who can make your entire business much easier and more productive



What can a Virtual Assistant do to help your business


When you are starting a business (especially if it’s an online business) you pretty much don’t need anyone else on your team.

As time passes and your business grows, more daily tasks start to come up and you end up having a bunch of small but time-consuming things to do like responding to emails, posting on social media, doing customer support, arranging meetings, etc.

Yes, all of these things are very important for your business, but you are someone who started the company – you had a vision and instead of nurturing that vision and feeding it to grow you have to… well, post on Instagram or answer customer emails or something like that.

If you realized how much time you are spending on those small tasks, and how much time you could really have to brainstorm and work on the big things to keep your company going up – you’d want to do something about it. If you’ve just had that realization then don’t worry… At some point, all of us get there.

A virtual assistant can do a huge variety of jobs for you like:

  • Marketing campaign assistance – A VA can help you with digital marketing campaigns by publishing content, curating email lists or posting to social media accounts.
  • Sales support – A VA can help create presentations, field inbound calls, or drive traffic to online stores and landing pages.
  • Finance projects – Accounting, receipt transcription, vendor contact, and invoicing can all be handled by a virtual assistant.
  • General administrative work – travel arrangements, responding to emails, taking notes.

And so so much more – the tasks above describe a very typical Virtual Assistants workload however in our experience if you hire right you can get a hugely capable addition to your team.

Bear in mind that you should always work to the capabilities of the people you hire. VA’s can be incredible but a VA shouldn’t be a replacement for a qualified Project Manager or Technical Support person. And the last thing VA should handle are critical business decisions – don’t forget that’s your job!

find hire good virtual assistant


When you take a look at the range of things a VA can do, we bet there are some things there that you are spending time on every single day!

That’s why we, here at JobRack, are determined to help you find and hire a good virtual assistant. We want you to keep creating and growing your business.



How To Find Virtual Assistant


Even though there is no education level set for virtual assistants that doesn’t mean that anyone can be one.

Good virtual assistants are not necessarily rare but there’s definitely lots of wannabes too.

find hire good virtual assistant

If you decide to find your own virtual assistant by posting an advert on here’s a couple of things you might want to consider first:

  • Are you looking for a freelancer or a part-time or full-time team member?
  • What level of English proficiency do you need your VA to have?
  • What technologies are key to your business that you need them to be familiar with? Things like Google Docs, Dropbox, etc.

Freelancers are people who work on multiple tasks or ‘gigs’ for multiple companies. That is a beautiful business model and it’s growing every day. But once the job is done it’s time to part ways – freelancers walk out happy with another project behind them, employers walk out happy that someone completed a project for them.

Language skills are extremely important for a good VA. Imagine you have a language barrier with your assistant…

“Hey Riya, can you please arrange a business trip to Budapest for mid-October this year?”

30 minutes later: “Yes, sir, the business trip to Bucharest arranged!”

“Wait, what, no…”


After that conversation, we are pretty much convinced that you will again need to waste your time calling traveling agencies and airports to cancel the trip.

That’s the thing about trusting someone. You will give big responsibilities to your VA, and you must be 100% positive they will deliver quality work and on time.


There are numerous platforms out there where you can post your job advert, but we truly believe JobRack is the best place to seek for highly skilled Virtual Assistants.

Jobseekers from Eastern Europe have proved to thousands of employers their quality, English proficiency and most important – loyalty. And those are the same qualities you need for your VA.

And take our word for it, see for yourself:



How to Hire a Virtual Assistant


Hiring someone remotely can be tricky because you don’t get to sit with them over a table and interview them.

In our post about hiring remotely, we talked about the process itself in-depth but here is the overview of how things should go with hiring your VA.

find hire good virtual assistant



Make sure you are clear with what you are looking for


When publishing your job ad for a virtual assistant you will need to be clear and concise about everything you expect and everything you need from them.

Remember that every single little thing that you don’t write in your job ad description will not be considered as needed. Even if it’s simple task.

By providing more details about what you need you will get more quality applicants.

Also don’t forget to sell the opportunity of working for you and your business. The very best assistants needed to be ‘sold’ on working with you so don’t forget to talk about what it’s like to work for your company and for you.



Test them properly


Make sure they are familiar with using email clients, Google Docs, Google Drive, Dropbox, Skype, and all other things you are using for transmitting information in your companies structure.

VA’s may not be familiar with all the specific software you might use, but it’s a must that they are familiar with the basic ones we mentioned.

Also, make sure their English (or other relevant language) is good enough, both writing and speaking.

Give them test tasks similar or identical to the real tasks you’ll be looking for them to complete.





If they place a little check in the box for all these tests, then it’s the time for the interview.

The main point of the interview, in this case, is for you to see do you like the person you chose, do they fit in your company’s culture and core values. Can you see yourself working with them?

It’s very important that you figure out if your candidate is self-motivated, what drives them, and are they a true go-getter.

Someone like that in your team is priceless!



Offer and contract


If you are happy with your candidate now make sure you make them a good offer.

Remember: If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

After both sides agree on salary, working hours, holiday etc, create a contract of work, and you are done!

Now it’s time to get ready for them to start and to make sure you onboard them in the best possible way, just like you would any other employee working in an office with you.




Virtual assistants can be one of the most important roles in your business. Without one, you are destined to spend your time on menial tasks firmly working in the business rather than on the business and spending your time making the big decisions to really grow and drive your business forwards.

Finding a good virtual assistant is possible if you have the right mindset.

You need a go-getter, someone you can rely on, someone who is dedicated and loyal. The most important thing, you need a team member, not a freelancer.

find hire good virtual assistant

Instead of posting on other platforms and hoping you will get good candidates, we already have everything prepared for you.

On JobRack you can find extraordinary virtual assistants from Eastern Europe who are known for their quality of work and English language skills.

Post your job ad now, and get the RIGHT person for your business!