beginners outsourcing guide

Beginners Outsourcing Guide – Everything You Need To Know About Outsourcing

If you are thinking about outsourcing a task or a section of your business, even if you are a complete newcomer to outsourcing, this guide will walk you through everything you need to know.

First thing you need to know: You are on the right track to accelerate your business and leave your competition far behind you.

Companies and large corporations started outsourcing their business functions years ago, and in those days outsourcing was considered as something only the big guys could do.

Luckily today, things are much easier no matter how big or small you might be.

There are plenty of high-quality platforms like JobRack that allow you to connect with incredible jobseekers who will help you to achieve your goals and visions and take that work you want to outsource off your hands.



Why you should outsource


Well, first and foremost – the money.

If you live in a country with a strong economy like the US, UK, Australia, or indeed many other areas of the world, and you decide to hire locally you will soon find out that your employees are quite expensive.

Outsourcing to developing countries can save you a ton of money, and trust us when we say this – you can get the same quality without any language barrier.

Let’s take some of the Eastern Europe countries for an example:

  • Serbia has an average salary of $477
  • Ukraine has an average salary of $350, and
  • Romania has an average salary of $630

Let’s say for an example that you want to hire a web developer or virtual assistant. These jobs usually have salaries above the average salary, so the question is very simple:

Is it better to hire someone for this position from your country or to hire from countries with highly educated but better value jobseekers?

beginners outsourcing guide

As you probably already know, Eastern Europe, the Philippines, and Asia are competing in the race for the most desirable regions to outsource to.

While Asian countries frequently compete on price, Eastern European countries compete with quality, education, overall good work ethics and still they offer incredible value

Work ethic is regarded as being the fundamental basis on which a positive employer-employee relationship is built upon. Values such as integrity, hard work and a strong sense of responsibility have emerged as being standard attributes in our collaborations with Eastern European workers.

There are numerous reasons why you should outsource but here are the main ones:

  • You can get the same quality work for a lower price
  • You can save a ton of time figuring everything out by yourself
  • You can find employees that are loyal, trustworthy and dedicated to growing your business.



How to outsource successfully


Just like with anything in life you want to make a success of, it is essential to have a good strategy and a plan to help ensure you succeed.

First step is always determining which part of your business you want to outsource.

The best way to do that is to write down your business challenges, how you’re spending your time and your current frustrations/things that are holding you back.

  1. How much time and money are you spending on things like responding to emails, doing customer support on social media, making Excel sheets?
  2. Is there functionality missing from your website or service that could generate you more revenue? If you want to build something that’s beyond your skill set and you realize you need to hire someone for it, what budget do you have in mind?
  3. Are you having to pay local employees to work during the evenings or overnight to provide 24/7 support? How much does that cost you?

Answering those questions will give you a good overview and some ideas on which part of the business you should consider outsourcing/getting help with.

Let’s say for example you have a business where you need to provide 24/7 support and your customers are unhappy because they can’t get support outside of US office hours. You could hire someone locally to work a night shift but that’s going to be expensive and let’s be honest, no one works their best overnight!

In this case, outsourcing to the right geographic region of the world can definitely benefit your business and your wallet! Consider hiring someone from a different time zone who can work in the daytime and is much more likely to give your customers the great support they deserve.

And the best thing about it – the quality is the same!

Next step…



Figure out where you want to outsource to


Once you know what you need to outsource it’s time to figure out where do you want your outsourcing partner/team member to be.

Here are a couple of things you should pay attention to while thinking about location:

  • Which countries are known to have workers with good work ethics?
  • When it comes to quality, where do you think you will find the best ROI?
  • Are the people from the country capable of having proficient English?


As we say in our ‘How to Hire Remotely Guide’ You want a go-getter who is self-motivated, provides high quality and gives you the output you need at great value. Oh, and the last thing you want is a language barrier.

Of course, you don’t have to select only one country, but make a list and start by filtering your future outsourcing targets partners by the countries you think can make the difference for you.


beginners outsourcing guide

Search and interview your outsourcing partners


Set your expectations to match a certain level of criteria (technical skill level, language skills, communication, and culture) and then start making the job advert

When posting your job/project ad you always want to provide applicants with the best possible job description.

That will give you the chance of having the best range of candidates and providers that you can review.

Your job/project description should be something like this:

  • Requirements for the job
  • What we expect from you
  • What you can expect from us
  • How to stand outb


There’s hot competition for the very best remote workers so you need your ad to be a sales pitch to get them excited about the opportunity to work with you.

Wherever you advertise, allow two or three days for the platform to do its job, and once you select people for interview make sure you test them properly.

Bear in mind that big companies are always hiring for quality and attitude. You need to do the same.

Even though your candidate may not fulfill everything you asked, pay close attention to their attitude and personality. Good attitude and personality are the most important thing for you to find, people with them will always get you better results.

Knowledge is good, but it always can be upgraded. It’s not the same scenario with a person’s attitude.

Once you find the right person for the job…



Create the contract


This is an important step for both of you because the contract is the only thing at this point that provides trust.

Your contract should:

  1. Have clear terms detailing exactly what the partner needs to provide and when the work is due (regular work or a single project). This may include milestones, a timeline, and specific deliverables
  2. Have defined payment terms and methods. Be as specific as you can because that way you will avoid frustrations further down the line, and your employee will know exactly what to expect.
  3. Have defined penalties if the outsourcer fails to meet their commitment.
  4. Have a detailed job description of requirements for you and for them.


These are just some key points that every contract should have. If in any doubt you should get expert advice from a lawyer.

The more a contract is defined, the better foundations you’ll have to build on.



Set up an effective communication strategy


So you started working with your outsourcer. The first thing you need to manage is developing a communication strategy that suits everyone involved.

Make sure that everyone is aware of the preferred channels of communication and any recurring deadlines. Setting out this information from the start will help you keep everything on track moving forward.

Also, it’s a good idea to have frequent video calls. Building trust between you and your outsourcer is essential for successful business and there’s no better way than face to face video calls.

We are all aware that nothing can beat working together in the same office, but that doesn’t mean you can’t develop a strong connection with your remote employee.





Outsourcing is the business model of the future and it can benefit your company in so many ways.

The process is simple in general but you need to pay attention and make sure that all steps are completed properly.

  • Figure out what and where you want to outsource to
  • Post the job ad and review the applications
  • Interview and test the best candidates
  • Create a good contract
  • Set up an effective communication strategy

For companies looking to expand internationally, the decision to outsource can be pretty intimidating but JobRack can help.

Our platform has the best jobseekers from Eastern Europe who are dedicated to providing high-quality work and achieving business goals. Companies we work with get great people who can help to scale up their business and develop their ideas for incredible success.

The question is, are YOU ready to rocket your business sky high?

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