5 Brilliant Content Automation Tips

Content is the king – Bill Gates claimed. Do you know when he said this? Hold your breath. It was all the way back in 1996. Yes, that’s right, it was during the past century and we still hold on to it. However, the thesis has changed a bit. Now it stands for: If content is the king, how to become the king of content? Is content automation the way?

If your question is – “How do I get traffic to my site”, or “How do I become an expert in my market?”.

Then the answer is – content marketing.

However, building a right content marketing strategy is exceedingly time-consuming and labor intensive.

Search engine algorithms are changing rapidly and it seems impossible to have one solution that will always be ahead of the game. It’s almost impossible to know what will work and what won’t. The only thing that is certain is – quality content will always be appreciated both from the readers and search engines.

Almost all of 7/8- figure marketers that are kings of content, have built their cult and business using the power of unique, high authority content.


If you cannot afford to pay a content writer who is English native and charges 40 USD per hour or if your efforts simply take too much time, then you’ll have to come up with other solutions to create engaging content and promote it too. You might need to turn to other solutions as well.

Here are some tips to have automated content that will be unique and high authority.

The strategies below will allow you to use your time more effectively and use the resources available to you to grow your business.

Which tools to use to automate parts of your content marketing

There are lots of platforms that allow you to automate content. The right question is: how do you know which ones are best at saving your time but not being too generic?

Hootsuite – lets you share client content across all your social media platforms. It will also allow you to schedule times of the day to share the content again, ensuring a wider potential customer base will be exposed to your message.

Zapier – which facilitates the synching of apps, letting you post content to them simultaneously. For example, if you post on Instagram, this will automatically be shared on Facebook, Twitter and your other platforms.

Hubspot – to automate email content, meaning you can always reach customers at opportune times when they are most receptive

Buffer – If you haven’t tried it, it’s your loss. Buffer is available as a free tool too, allowing you to use it for just couple social media accounts. Still, it will give you an impression on how clean-looking, easy to use and organized it is… you get the idea. It also has the feature to upload visuals and videos directly to your posts and to schedule them.

Many of these are also available as a smartphone apps, which makes them even more convenient. Most important thing, it will allow you to manage your automation on the go.

Get with the technology – AI is kicking in really strong

Never stop learning. Never stop developing and following new trends that can help you out in building your business the best way.

One example of the amazing potential of technology is the story of Scott French, a fan of Valley of the Dolls writer Jacqueline Susann.

He decided to spend much of his savings and a lot of time enlisting the ‘help’ of a co-author named Hal, a Macintosh computer, to help him write a book that was similar to his favorite one. Hal’s artificial intelligence learnt and mimicked Susann’s style to perfection, showing that complete content automation is within our grasp.


While we are not quite at the stage of allowing AI to completely take over the writing of our content (especially since Hal produced less than a masterpiece), it is definitely worth staying au fait with the technology available to you, whether this be apps, algorithms or auto-blogging software.

What’s more, the marketing automation sector is growing rapidly. In 2019 it is set to grow to $5.5 billion (yes, billion with a B) in comparison to $3.65 billion in 2014.

Sync everything you can

If you have some killer content, then you want to make sure that as many people as possible see it.

You can ensure this happens by using tools that will allow you to synch your platforms. This means that your content will be original but you will be gaining the best possible coverage and impact from your hard work.

For example, CoSchedule will allow you to synhc your content to social media platforms in a way that works for the respective platforms.

Aditionally, Twitter users often prefer short, sharp nuggets of information, whilst those on Google+ like things to be more in depth.

The right synch tool will allow you to manage this and to make sure your content is appropriately matched to your audience and works for your business.

Content creation automation

Content marketing is tough. Sometimes it will not give results for extended periods of time. Sometimes it will give results faster. It is also exceedingly time-consuming so it’s definitely a good thing (perhaps even a must) to automate mundane and repeatable tasks in it.

However, technology is going even beyond that helping us to create the smart and unique content in short period of time.

WP Contentio this plug in to come could revolutionize your content strategy. It allows you to grab transcripts from YouTube videos and convert them into text (in less than 60 seconds)!

The benefits of this new platform are that you get completely unique copy, unlike many of the strategies that similar apps claim to be creating.

There are thousands of services out there that can curate content, such as:

Quuu promote – will allow you to curate your article best way, obtaining maximum exposure through Twitter and other social media.

UpContent – this tool crawls the Web and pulls news articles and blog posts. Then, it sorts them by relevancy, social influence, recency and so on and it reduces the time and need to browse through thousands of pages of results.

Now, content creation automation in a meaningful is something completely different and it requires a fresh approach.

Let me give you an example.


WP Contentio will actually allow you create fully automated, completely original content. It can take the subtitles from YouTube videos and convert them into a blog post.

As well as this, it will instantly do it straight from YouTube videos – in matter of seconds. The article will be completely original, with hyperlinks and relevant keywords throughout the entire piece. Additionally, all Call To Actions will be added automatically at the end of every post.

Both as a standalone piece of kit and combined with the platforms mentioned above, this could be an extremely powerful tool that can save your efforts and provide you with high authority content in no time.

Moderating content automation

Experts may speak very highly of automated content, but they speak even more highly of moderating content automation, and ensuring that you log in every day so that not all of your content is automated.

Whichever method you choose – make sure you add a personal touch to things you are sharing. This personal touch will give ‘humanity’ to your posts, and will ensure you interact with you readers in a more individualized way, as most people can easily notice when your accounts are run by robots.


There are no doubt effective ways to automate your content strategy. If you over automate, this will drain your content of its unique character and could alienate your client base. However, if you do it right it’s a win-win situation: you can use your time more effectively, your content will shine and connect with more people, and you can increase your business’s reach.

The stirs on the market are more frequent than ever, well, if you want your business to grow you will have to keep pace with them. So, the question really stopped being whether you should use content automation, but rather how are you going to do it. As per where content marketing is heading – the key is to use the strategies effectively and sparingly.