Quality Assurance Engineer

Tirana , Albania

English - writing Phone Support English - speaking Email Support Email Management

Profile Description

My name is Elisaveta Dhrami  and I come from Albania. I have studied Business Informatics in the University of Tirana, and have finished my master studies in Information Systems in Economy, with very high results. My first work experience was in a small programming company, in the role of Software Tester. I currently work in a american-albanian software company, in the role of Quality Assurance Specialist. I chose to start my career in the field of software testing and especially quality assurance, because this "soft" part of software development has always interested me and I think that is one of most crucial part of the entire process. 

My ability to thoroughly analyze problems and my attention to details has made me a key part of any team and project I have worked before. During my 2 year experince in software testing I have worked in a wide range of different project domains, starting from CRM systems, bots, financial systems, staff management and social network systems. I can characterize myself as a very hardworking person and very responsible. One of the main things I always seek from my colleages is taking responsibility of one's work and being punctual. I try to be friendly with everyone and I have very good communicative skills that have always helped me to collaborate very well with my colleages and clients.

In my previous job positions I have had the opportunity to dig in in some level in some other fields like design and programming. I am not a professional in those fields but I am always in the learning process in both programming in order to do automation testing and also in design, which is a field that facinates me, and I believe that this has helped me a lot in my every day work.

I am interested in being introduced to a new job opportunity that can help me learn new things and apply my knwoledge and experience in new projects.

Category Skill Rating
Back-end C#
Back-end PHP
Design User Interface Design
Front-end Javascript basics (using plugins etc)
Front-end HTML5
Languages English - writing
Languages English - speaking
Languages Spanish - speaking
Languages Spanish - writing
Management Project Management
Management Strategic Planning
Office Email Management
Office Research
Office Event Planning
Office Data Entry
Office Wordpress
Support Email Support
Support Phone Support
Support Tech Support

Availability: Part Time

Work Experience: 1-2 Years