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Zagreb , Croatia

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Full Stack Web Developer who loves every part of his job. Primarily focused on WordPress platform and JavaScript, but also worth mentioning that I have experience coding with many programming languages like PHP and Python. Also, I often use libraries and frameworks like Angular, React, Vue, Laravel, and Django and make sure my projects are spotless and up-to-date with the latest technologies.

Building websites and web applications is something I love and enjoy doing. My goal is to help people build their applications and websites how they want it and to enjoy in what I do. For all that, WordPress would be a great solution!

WordPress is one of my favorite CMS platforms for creating dynamic websites like blogs, small-medium business, membership-based websites and implementing E-commerce to create web shops. I am able to implement, edit and create WordPress websites from scratch, either by using a pre-made theme or creating a theme or a plugin from the ground up.

Most of my work in developing and programming aspect is created with JavaScript by implementing different libraries and frameworks on the front-end and back-end, providing SQL-based databases & MongoDB for JS code.

I am also regularly using CSS pre-processors, SASS, LESS and alike to create modern-looking websites and applications in a much better and effective way.

Graphic design is my side skill which I am able to implement in web development, such as business logo creation, editing and optimizing images for the web.


Also worth mentioning is that I have experience in website management, SEO & digital marketing, graphic & logo design, optimization and security.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any business requests or questions.


Max Drljić                    


Category Skill Rating
Back-end Django
Back-end Laravel
Back-end MongoDB
Back-end MSSQL
Back-end Mysql / MariaDB
Back-end NodeJS
Back-end PHP
Back-end PostgreSQL
Back-end Python
Back-end Symfony
Back-end C#
Back-end Java
Front-end Angular 1.x
Front-end Angular 2.x
Front-end Bootstrap
Front-end CSS2
Front-end CSS3
Front-end Ecmascript 6
Front-end Foundation
Front-end HTML5
Front-end Javascript Advanced (closures, anonymouse functions etc)
Front-end Javascript basics (using plugins etc)
Front-end jQuery
Front-end jQuery UI
Front-end LESS
Front-end Materialize UI
Front-end MeteorJS
Front-end ReactJS
Front-end SASS
Front-end VueJS
Front-end Semantic UI
Marketing Affiliate Marketing
Marketing Analytics Analysis
Marketing Email Marketing
Marketing Google Adwords
Marketing SEO
Marketing Social Media Marketing
Other C
Other C++

Max Development

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Max Development is my official website where you can find all information about me and my work.

Availability: Part Time

Work Experience: 2-5 Years