Office Specialist

Sarajevo , Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Profile Description

Professional Skills:

  • Proficient user of Auto CAD and MS Office (Word, Excel and Power Point)

  • Great analytical skills

  • Very fast data entry skills

  • Good accounting skills which include inovicing and budget tracking

  • Great communication and negotiation skills

  • Social media management

Work Experience

Engineer of Geodesy

  • Harmonisation of old data to new data measurements

  • Vectorization and digitalization of geodetic and geoinformatic plans

  • Translation from written cadastral operate into digital form

Technician of Field Geodetical Work

  • Transforming coordinates from global to local coordinating system

  • Presenting technical data of projects to both domestic and international clients

  • Cost control and invoicing

Promoter of FMCG

  • Control of exhibited and warehoused products inside a retail store 

  • Maintennance of optimal number of stock and tracking of costs

  • Promoting FMCG products inside supermarkets

  • Creatign weekly and monthly reports of progress


  • OCAD, ArcGIS, Trimble Business Center, Ms Office

Other Skills

  • Very organized, team player, willingness to improve and develop new skills, self confidence, kind, assertive and communicative

Category Skill Rating
Design Logo design
Design Website design
Finances Accounting
Finances Financial Analysis
Management System Administration (Linux, Windows)
Management Sales Management
Management Business Plan Creation
Management Project Management
Marketing Social Media Marketing
Marketing Content Marketing
Office Data Entry
Office Email Management
Office Admin Assistant
Office Event Planning
Office Research
Office Travel Planning
Sales Sales Representative
Support Email Support
Support Phone Support
Support Social Media support / moderation
Support Tech Support
Writing Creative Writing
Writing Editing & Proofreading
Writing Technical Writing

Availability: Full Time

Work Experience: 2-5 Years