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Tirana , Albania

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I am an experienced Wordpress administrator and social media manager with a history of more than 4 years in the digital marketing industry. My wordpress and social media skills are very good. I have worked for "Portali i Energjise" (a company specialized in energy business consulting) for more than 4 years. I have written "Digital Marketing Assistant" in the proficiency title, because I have an immense interest in the digital marketing world and have assisted my colleagues in the department of marketing on a daily basis. This experience was very helpful to me in understanding marketing concepts very well and advancing my technical skills in: wordpress, social media management, seo/sem, content creation, brand attention, using online marketing tools, etc. I also have held the position of project manager assistant for 1 year in a non-profit organisation (ICSE - Intitute for Critique and Social Emancipation) in Tirana, Albania.

I have a bachelor's degree in tourism management and a MBA degree from the University of Tirana.

I have very good communication skills in British English and American English, especially written American English. Except for Albanian (my native language) and English, I also understand Italian and French. I like to work in a company with friendly and supportive teamwork environment, but can also work very well independently. I am a hard-working and performance oriented person who is committed to the quality of the work. Also, I am very attentive to details, organized, creative, have analytic skills and love to always keep learning as much and as fast as possible.

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Languages English - writing
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Marketing Social Media Marketing
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Marketing Facebook ads
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Marketing SEM
Marketing SEO
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Availability: Full Time

Work Experience: 2-5 Years