Marketing Management

Sarajevo , Bosnia and Herzegovina

Profile Description

As my resume indicates, my previous work has allowed me to develop the specialized skills in the area of project management, business development and administration that I developed while working as an assistant either to a department or to senior management at a higher education institution, government, nonprofits and various business entities.

I have much to offer in the way of diversity of experience as I have gained substantial knowledge of doing business on the international level and in various environments. In my position at the Entrepreneurship and Knowledge Management Centre, I have gained experience in writing complex program proposals and reports, implementing and coordinating project activities and collaborating for their successful realization. Moreover, this enabled me to gain exposure to different areas of program management, whereas I developed my analytical thinking, management skills and knowledge of how business development processes should be performed. Within my work, I had opportunities to learn administrative procedures, policies, and protocols necessary to implement projects activities ethically, and I acquired a good understanding of principles and practices of grants management, planning, multitasking, and office management by providing wide-range business and administrative assistance to the senior management and other departments.

From my work in Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism I have sharpened my communication and organizational skills, attention to details and ability to work with speed and accuracy while assuring that the grant funds are administered in compliance with regulations and project objectives. Moreover, my work enabled me to implement project activities that were directed to fostering local economic development as well as increasing business opportunities on a national and regional level. By coordinating marketing and development efforts, I learned to identify new opportunities, to build new rapports and to deal with various interest groups by communicating effectively and developing and maintaining long-lasting relationships and partnerships.

Aware of the working pace, I see it as a challenge and I am convinced that my diverse experience - coupled with my education, skills and entrepreneurial spirit - has equipped me with a strong set of valuable competencies that meet your needs. I am eager to combine my knowledge and passion for confronting global issues and to add a meaningful contribution to your work, as it is something that I truly love and I am fascinated by.

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Availability: Full Time

Work Experience: 1-2 Years