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Niksic , Montenegro

HTML5 jQuery Javascript basics (u... CSS3 CSS2

Profile Description

Hi, my name is Boris. I have very diverse set of skills and interests, mostly related to online marketing and web design/development. I am very familiar with various types of internet marketing concepts, metrics and tools. I'm also interested in startup projects, mostly in a field of internet services. I'm good with HTML, CSS, Javascript (good with jQuery and similar DOM but not too familiar with new frameworks, except for some Vue, with intention to learn it more intensively), basic PHP (mainly for WP theme development) but better with Node Express and Mongo; also familiar with different services needed for website maintaince. Also, I have knowledge of some other business-related fields, such as statistics, accounting etc. I've completed Faculty of Economics, BSc in Entrepreneurship and Business and MSc in Marketing and Business.

What I'm primarly looking for is experience in interesting, creative jobs  in web develpment or web design, where I can learn even more and refine my skills. Depending of that, I could be involved part time, full time, work in various time zones, with different level of workload and salary rate. I'm curious, versatile, patient, very eager to learn and would appreciate challenging opportunities.

Category Skill Rating
Back-end NodeJS
Back-end MongoDB
Back-end PHP
Design Website design
Finances Accounting
Finances Bookkeeping
Front-end CSS2
Front-end CSS3
Front-end HTML5
Front-end Javascript basics (using plugins etc)
Front-end jQuery
Front-end Javascript Advanced (closures, anonymouse functions etc)
Front-end jQuery UI
Front-end VueJS
Management Business Plan Creation
Marketing Analytics Analysis
Marketing Facebook ads
Marketing SEO
Marketing Social Media Marketing
Marketing Content Marketing
Marketing Email Marketing
Marketing Google Adwords
Marketing Guerilla Marketing
Office CPanel
Office Wordpress

Availability: Full Time

Work Experience: 1-2 Years