Junior Web Developer and Software Engineer

Tetovo , Macedonia

C# PHP Javascript basics (u... Bootstrap jQuery

Profile Description

A highly experienced and creative web developer with great experience in a variety of exciting projects. A level head and rational approach to problem solving combined with a passion for innovative and fresh ideas has led to a portfolio of impressive website solutions. Technically competent and industry aware means that each project is undertaken with the most up-to-date and relevant programming foundations available. A strong communicator with the ability to convey ideas clearly with an emphasis on client satisfaction.


Category Skill Rating
Back-end C#
Back-end PHP
Back-end Data Modelling
Back-end Mysql / MariaDB
Back-end Ruby-on-Rails
Back-end Java
Back-end Laravel
Back-end Python
Front-end Bootstrap
Front-end Javascript basics (using plugins etc)
Front-end jQuery
Front-end CSS2
Front-end CSS3
Front-end HTML5
Front-end jQuery UI
Front-end Angular 2.x
Front-end Javascript Advanced (closures, anonymouse functions etc)
Front-end SASS

Personal Website and Portfolio

Front - End Developer

About Project :

Build the website for myself and optimize for SEO


Online Library

Full Stack Developer

About Project :

Online Library website where authors can post their books and make it available for the whole world


Availability: Full Time

Work Experience: 2-5 Years