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Back-end Laravel
Back-end Mysql / MariaDB
Back-end PHP
Back-end CakePHP
Back-end CodeIgniter
Back-end Yii
Back-end MongoDB
Back-end NodeJS
Design Website design
Design Adobe Photoshop (Graphic design)
Front-end Bootstrap
Front-end CSS2
Front-end CSS3
Front-end HTML5
Front-end Javascript Advanced (closures, anonymouse functions etc)
Front-end Javascript basics (using plugins etc)
Front-end jQuery
Front-end jQuery UI
Front-end LESS
Front-end SASS
Front-end Angular 2.x
Front-end ReactJS
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Languages English - writing
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Languages German - writing
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Office Wordpress
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Other C++

Woo Trav-Hotel & Flights

WordPress Developer

About Project :

My client wanted booking system for hotels and flights. The requirement was to use an API that will fetch hotels and flights from external API.

What I did:

- Created a new plugin that fetches the data on regular basis
- Implemented and customized WordPress theme
- Made Payment system
- Styled checkout pages


WordPress Custom theme

Front-end Developer, WordPress Developer

About Project :

This client created PSD mockup and hired me to convert his PSDs into fully working, 100% clean and responsive WordPress theme with admin panel.

I converted PSDs into WP theme following best practices and WordPress codex. Also, I added custom fields and post types in admin panel.


WordPress Custom theme + Custom fields

Front-end Developer, WordPress Developer

About Project :

I was provided with PSD files from the client. He asked me to use Bootstrap Libary and make pixel-perfect fully responsive WordPress theme for him.


Algolia Search

PHP Developer, WordPress developer

About Project :

I was assigned to this project to implement Algolia Search plugin. I did it correctly and styled Algolia Search results for the client. Also, I was doing some backend. The backend was not WordPress, but custom made script.


Google Graphs API and reports system

Front-end Developer, Back-end Developer

About Project :

This client hired me to complete his pre-made payment system. He wanted reports! And I did that. Using Google Graphs API, I implemented graphs with various filters so that the client has a full control over income.


Availability: Not Available

Work Experience: < 6 Months