Senior Full-Stack JS Developer

Kharkiv , Ukraine

Russian - writing Russian - speaking CPanel Event Planning Email Management

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Category Skill Rating
Back-end Laravel
Back-end PHP
Back-end Symfony
Back-end MongoDB
Back-end NodeJS
Design Adobe Photoshop (Graphic design)
Design Logo design
Design Shirt Design
Design User Interface Design
Design Website design
Design Adobe Illustrator
Finances Accounting
Finances Bookkeeping
Finances Financial Analysis
Finances Financial Management
Finances Tax Preparation
Front-end Angular 1.x
Front-end Angular 2.x
Front-end Bootstrap
Front-end CSS2
Front-end CSS3
Front-end HTML5
Front-end Javascript Advanced (closures, anonymouse functions etc)
Front-end Javascript basics (using plugins etc)
Front-end jQuery
Front-end LESS
Front-end SASS
Front-end ReactJS
Languages Russian - speaking
Languages Russian - writing
Languages English - speaking
Languages English - writing
Office Admin Assistant
Office CPanel
Office Data Entry
Office Drupal
Office Email Management
Office Event Planning
Office Wordpress
Office Joomla


website from scratch

About Project :

I created website from scratch. Design, markup and development.

Have created my own WP theme.

CRM system for hospitals & dantists cabinets

Designer, Front-End & Back-End Developer

About Project :

This project has been done for a company that deals with dental services automatization. The main aim of the project is to create the online environment for booking a visit to a dentist according to hospital unit. It is also possible to get the information about a doctor at the website. The custom areas for dentist and patient were created to speed up the process of booking and getting the information about it. Moreover, the online storage contains all the X-ray photography history.

The vision is for the website. According to business peculiarities, the web site should provide two different kind of features, based on dentists’ needs and patients’ ones. In such a way, two types of accounts were created. The first type of account was developed for patients to provide the following possibilities:

  • Booking - this option was created with complex dental center structure. There is an option to arrange a visit to a dentist according to hospital unit. The arrangements are synchronized with the calendar, so the already booked time is out of order. Every arrangement is approved by dentists with his account and confirmed via SMS services. SMS notifications are also sent after any schedule changes.
  • Archives - this is online patient’s dental implant chart, where all X-ray photography is stored at.

The second access level has been created for dentists with the following opportunities:

  • X-ray constructor - it is the separate system with implemented options on creating the possible treatment strategy. The dedicated technology has been developed for this feature. X-ray and dental prosthesis can be scaled and overlaid according to the real sizes.
  • Print system - provides an opportunity to print the appointment card or prescription at the headed forms.
  • Bonus system - bonus system is created for dentists and the bonuses are given for the number of clients invited to the system.

  • Chat - it is the system of communication among the dentists

The third level is considered to be a web-administrator’s one. It provides an opportunity of managing all the accounts created at the web-site.

Technologies I used during the project:  

  • PHP
  • Canvas
  • Jquery
  • Angular
  • MySQL
  • CSS


Network CRM system for the group of pawnshops

Designer, Front-End & Back-End Developer

About Project :

The project provides the organization of work in a pawnshop, which is maintained by the employees of the pawnshop to accommodate clients and automate activities with customers. It is intended to have the algorithm of work with the client in a simple and accessible way.

Contains a customer database, a database with the things that are in the mortgage, the base with the things that are on sale, a log of all actions in relation to both the client and the things, with the ability to change on the part of the administrator. Also the ability to search for keywords and dates is implemented . When working with a client, the employee has a clear algorithm for drawing up mortgages and purchases of goods.

Among other things, exists the financial accounting of pawnshop relationship with the client with the possibility to view financial report (credits, expenses, profit) for the accountant.

This Web application is a client of a cloud service, that allows you to log into their accounts from any the PC, using all the advantages of this service.

Available operations to work with clients

  • Pledge
  • Surcharge (may be several)
  • Redemption - the existing collateral agreements or surcharge becomes inactive.
  • The conclusion of the pledge \ sale - pledge agreements existing surcharge or become inactive.
  • Partial repayment - A new pledge agreement partial redemption) with the original id. Older contracts are not active. The amount of partial redemption + Intress is recorded as income to the cashier. If this is the first action under the original contract - the sum of the Intress of the original contract is displayed in the accounting report. All follow-up reports will not include.
  • Write-off and rip it - in both cases the contract will be made inactive, indicating the reason - rip it out or withdrawal.
  • Closing – goods move to warehouse or another action

Technologies I used during the project:  

  • PHP
  • Canvas
  • Jquery
  • Angular
  • MySQL
  • CSS

Online R&B Restaurant Business-Card

Front-end Developer

About Project :

This online business card is a unique Internet project which combines the presentation of the restaurant, the catalog of provided services with menus, news, current events, discounts and more. The target audience of the Projects are mainly students and simply those who are looking for where to have a good time in a cozy atmosphere and a delicious meal, with all the gradation of financial opportunities. Architecturally project has a strong social support and lobbying events and share on social networks like "Vkontakte», «Twitter», «Facebook».

With a detailed description of places, including the current menu, and the current stock prices, as well as revealing the secrets of cooking specialties in the video and photographic materials, has allowed the owners of the restaurant to pick it up in the list of institutions. In addition, more information will certainly appeal to potential customers. So, with the help of Internet Projects the owner has an opportunity to get an extra score and rise above the competitors.

This Project is implemented on the Word Press platform using tools such as jQuery and Modernizr.

In addition, in the Project are implemented features such as Advanced Custom Fields, which allows very easy to add the latest news and events regarding the restaurant. And the Word Press Custom Taxonomy, if there is low functionality of the page when it is used to display news, but the catalog of goods is needed to be done.

Total stack of technologies used for the implementation of the Projects as follows:

  • Word Press

  • PHP

  • jQuery

  • Modernizr

  • Twitter Bootstrap

  • Twitter Emoji

  • Advanced Custom Fields

  • WP Custom Taxonomy

Availability: Full Time

Work Experience: 2-5 Years