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Banja Luka , Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Design Adobe Photoshop (Graphic design)
Languages English - speaking
Languages English - writing
Management Business Plan Creation
Management Project Management
Management Software Development Management
Management Strategic Planning
Management Web software Developmenet Management
Marketing Content Marketing
Office Event Planning
Office Research
Office Wordpress
Office Data Entry

Telesales Program

Program Manager

About Project :

This large program consisted of the following projects:

  • Management of call center providers covering most of the European markets.
  • Research on new technology and management of business relationships with service providers.
  • Sales content management and development of telesales strategies.
  • Management of Phoneorder, a sales-based web application.

While leading those projects I co-operated with various types of experts:

  • web developers,
  • web designers,
  • graphic designers and illustrators,
  • support specialists,
  • internet marketers,
  • sales associates,
  • content developers,
  • accountants and payments specialists and others.

Main project activities and responsibilities

  • Creating project documentation and defining project activities.
  • Research, negotiations and contract management.
  • System integration management.
  • Training and support activities.
  • Work control and performance analysis.
  • Delegating projects and ending project activities.

Kindly visit https://rodicdalibor.com/telesales/ to find details about this project.


Phone Order Web App Project

Project Manager

About Project :

Phoneorder is a custom, sales-oriented, web application that consists of:

  • Inbound and outbound call panels;
  • Campaign management system;
  • Statistics dashboards.

During this project, I lead all activities related to the development life cycle of the Phoneorder web app. The app was built for internal purposes of the company; still, it had various types of users.

Internal users are company executives, project and team leaders, and team members from various teams within the company.

External users are call center managers, team leaders and their call agents, but also representatives of various other companies from the telecom industry.

Managing the building of a web app that can satisfy the needs of such a diverse group of users proved to be very challenging. This app was crucial for increasing sales of the company, so I reported directly to business owners.

Kindly visit: https://rodicdalibor.com/phoneorder/ to find details about this project.


Redesign and rebranding of REDETE conference website

Project Manager

About Project :

The goal of this project was to replace the old REDETE website with a more informative and visually attractive one but to keep its structure as simple as possible having in mind the type of site visitors. Those people are academics and science workers from the best European universities and research centers. Furthermore, REDETE established itself as a leader of international scientific events in SE Europe in fields related to transition economies.

The web presentation of this conference had to live up to that reputation and that was not the case with the old site.

The appearance of the site had to be adapted to the needs of its visitors. It was important to have the most of the relevant information on the home page with easily accessible links to other parts of the site. Instructions on how researchers can submit their scientific papers and pay their participation fees had to be properly placed within the site – visible and easily accessible.

Kindly visit: https://rodicdalibor.com/redete/ to find details about this project.



WordPress Design and Branding

Designer / Marketing Manager

About Project :

Besides my portfolio website RodicDalibor.com, I designed two more sites for my personal projects. I did all activities from the beginning including setting up domain and webmail and installing WordPress. Furthermore, I did some simple content activities to make my websites visually appealing and functional such as CSS and HTML coding, Photoshop image editing, plugin installation, e-commerce setup. This experience could prove useful for leading teams in some larger WordPress projects since I’m familiar with the whole process.



Availability: Full Time

Work Experience: 2-5 Years