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Tirana , Albania

French - writing French - speaking English - writing English - speaking Email Support

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Hi, I'm Elton, a med student. Studying has it perks, but being independent is even better. I have spoken Italian since i was 5, English since 10, and French since 15. I even studied in France for almost two years, and that helped me get that "frenchness" to a pretty good level. Later in Italy, I perfectied my hand gestures, and became quite a gastronomic connaisseur. I'm dedicated, and very easy to adapt and work with. Long hours have been my companion for years, and almost always late night hours, so I can be productive at times when most people are ready to wrap up their day. You will find a very friendly, understanding and serious worker in me, and if that is not enough, I can help with free medical advice.

As a Costumer Care Agent for 5CA, I worked as online support, attending to costumer queries by email or through phonecalls. The client I was assigned to, Beerwulf is a large online beer retailer that delivers to most of EU, so as it often happens with large shipments, issues might arise, but it was my duty to guard the fronteers between clients and company and offer responses and solutions to clients on an understanding and respectful manner, even when our couriers made some mistakes. A beer-guardian if you may call it so.

Earlier, I was a back-office operator for Albacall-Alitalia s.p.a. providing support for queries and claims by clients of the airline, for the French-speaking market, as well as English and Italian speaking. My duties involved opening claim files, gathering information regarding claim and contacting clients for queries or to deliver a response, either by email or through a phonecall. (Sometimes people don't like being told their luggage is lost forever)

Sales advisor at Pull&Bear, my duties involved keeping the shop in good conditions, taking care of products exposed, arranging products in warehouse, helping clients with their purchase, refurbishing store.

Other than that, I have been a very engaged volunteer in different organisations a and projects, with duties ranging from Photography, to Event Organiser, delivering medical information and support, Social Media Manager, and much more. When help was needed, I was the go to guy.

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Design Video editing
Design Adobe Photoshop (Graphic design)
Design Logo design
Languages English - speaking
Languages English - writing
Languages French - speaking
Languages French - writing
Languages Spanish - speaking
Languages Spanish - writing
Management Project Management
Management Strategic Planning
Marketing Facebook ads
Marketing Social Media Marketing
Marketing Video Marketing
Office Admin Assistant
Office Email Management
Office Event Planning
Office Human Resource Management
Office Research
Office Transcription
Office Travel Planning
Office Data Entry
Office Wordpress
Sales Sales Representative
Support Email Support
Support Phone Support
Support Social Media support / moderation
Support Tech Support
Support Community Forum Moderation
Writing Blogging
Writing Creative Writing
Writing Editing & Proofreading
Writing Ghost Writing
Writing Technical Writing
Writing Vlogging

Availability: Full Time

Work Experience: < 6 Months