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Hello, my name is Helen and I am a 27-year old philologist from Nis, Serbia, currently living and working in Novi Sad. I have been working as an online English teacher since 2012 and therefore I had a chance to communicate with clients from all over the globe and learn how to meet their needs depending on the culture, age, and personality. Back in 2015 I worked as a copywriter and proofreader on Freelancer and in 2019 I became an editor in a local online news portal. Besides that, I also have a part-time job working as a sales development representative with a commercial trucking insurance and healthcare insurance company, but ESL teaching remained my primary job. 

As I have been doing the same job for quite a while, I am thirsty for new challenges and more than eager to learn some new stuff and acquire some new skills that I can use in my work, as I am not at all a big fan of stagnation. I am looking for a job that would satisfy my need to learn new things continually and a place where I can polish and display my skills and thus help the business grow. I am a very open-minded person and always open to new ideas, advice, and feedback, as I am aware that my personal and professional development benefits both my employer and me. I see myself as someone who is objective, reliable and friendly, as I successfully communicate and cooperate with a number of different people on a daily basis. I am good at motivating others and I see myself as a good problem solver. 

I strongly prefer working remotely, as I travel pretty often - this way neither my work nor my personal life has to suffer. Wherever I work, I like the atmosphere to be relaxed, friendly and with zero tension, as tension only makes the work slower and less productive. I believe in healthy communication and I see it as the best way to establish a good relationship among coworkers.

If you are searching for someone with the skills not listed in my profile, but you can provide full training for the position, I will be more than happy to hear more about it and possibly give it a shot!

Besides work, I love spending quality time with my dog and my husband, traveling as much as I can, reading fiction and playing the guitar. 

For any additional information, feel free to contact me at any time!



























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