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YouTube Marketer [CLOSED]

Part Time 400.00 USD Type: Monthly

Social Media Marketi... Video Marketing Sales funnel design

I need someone to help me monetise my YouTube channel: Patreon, courses etc and need to strengthen my brand and my message.

I am training from 0 to a UFC world champion so would love to document the whole journey and put myself out there to inspire others.

So far my videos are about my journey going from 'depressed graduate' to digital nomad and from 0 to 7 figures (in revenue).

Please apply if you have experience in:

  • Monetising a YouTube channel (taking it from 0)
  • Producing a course
  • Branding a YouTube channel
  • Creating a successful Patreon

Sweet and Sour Social

S&S Social is passionate about leveraging social media platforms to provide marketing solutions to small companies worldwide. We offer paid soc...

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