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writer - US$600/week to US$2300 within a year [CLOSED]

Full Time 600.00 USD Type: Weekly

Tired of the hamster wheel of low paid writing jobs? Want a real career writing that lets you enjoy life and make money?

This is an amazing entry level situation helping to put together video ads, scripts, editing a newsletter, writing articles, writing sales letters and emails, and working for our publishing business.

Please read this ENTIRELY and CAREFULLY before you respond!

If you have an English or History or similar degree, you can begin making real money, and then a lot of money, working at your home for a company in business 25 years, who pays you ever Monday via wise.com or ACH, and trains you constantly.

I'm not looking for an experienced copywriter. I'm looking for a "cub" we can train.

You can be anywhere in the world but you must have perfect “no excuses” Internet, and if there is a problem with it, we don't know it because you've gone to a restaurant, cafe, or friend's apartment and you STILL have perfect Internet.

You also have perfect English skills. Perfect. Like a native English speaker.

You will become a SUPER good writer able work as a writer and command the big bucks, and you get paid WEEKLY. And you'll have an opportunity to help us with videos and commercial production.

Important about hours: All times given here are NEW YORK TIME. Whatever time it is in New York City, that's the time we use. Okay?

We do meet at 3PM on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and 10AM on Friday. And that is mandatory. So you have to okay with these hours! Don't ask me if you need to attend the meetings. I don't care what hours you work but I care VERY MUCH that you attend all our meetings. That's where we do training and review each other's writing work.

Our business is providing information on alternative health remedies, help with sex problems for men, and supplements for men as well as other products for men (colognes for instance.)

...so every day you'll write emails, ads and sales letters. You must be okay writing from a man's point of view, and sometimes it is sexual. Our best copywriter is a woman, BTW.

We'll train you as long as you are already super good write, say from college, and COACHABLE.

The last person doing this job (who is still with us) is making a good solid six figures.

We have newbies making that much after a year or so. Why not you?

Yes you'll be working hard. But you are FAST, aren't you? And our company has a huge limitless opportunity for the right person to learn the business. You could eventually run your own business unit and enjoy very high income.

For now we will pay you US$600 per week via ACH, but that's just to get to know you. You will be making $1000 a week as soon as we see what you are made of and then up to $2500/week hopefully within a year or so.

So now, if you've come this far, here is how to apply. If you just send me a resume you will hear nothing from me and it will be trashed. I want you to include a resume, for sure, and a paragraph about why this job interests you and why you are ideal for it. Also 3 recent books you read, and a sentence or two on each one and what it meant to you. Also 3 questions you have about the job. Plus 3 writing samples from you. Links are preferred. I am not allowed to open attachments so NO MS Word files please, only Google Docs or links to your site. NO attachments please. NO ATTACHMENTS WILL BE OPENED EVER. Sorry, it's because our security doesn't allow attachments. Email myrelationshipcoachmatt at gmail dot com, and include “I love writing” in the subject line.

I will NOT read anything that you email me unless you comply with this requirement. It will just be deleted, because that's one of the tests that you need to pass. If you send me attachments, I won't see them. Do NOT post on jobrack, that is not our process, and I won't respond.

Our process is back and forth until we have each made a decision. I'll send you a video if I feel you are good for this and you can learn more. Then a free test, then another video, then another test, then a video call and you're hired. It can be done in a few days.

And remember: Make sure you have ZERO grammatical and spelling mistakes and put your best foot forward. Write SHORT paragraphs and punchy sentences.

The way this is written.

Don't write run-on sentences or a wall of text.

Read this again and again. This style is what I am looking for.

You have to have 100% commitment, solid Internet, and verifiable references so I can check with your professors, or your last job (or an existing employer) and talk to them on the phone. This job is contract, so you are responsible for your own taxes and everything else.

Now, it's your turn. Thank you very much and hopefully you and I can put something great together. If you are good I'll have a few quick and free tests to take and then hopefully we can work together.

Calworth Glenford LLC

We are a publishing company and we sell nutritional supplements. In business since 1996. Many of our workers (contract people) have been with us fo...

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