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Wordpress Article Formatting Genius Wanted [CLOSED]

Full Time Negotiable

Hi there, my name is Mauricio and I'm the CEO of Cloudwards.net. We've a very ambitious editorial calendar and have very high standards when it comes to formatting blog posts in our Wordpress backend. That's why we're looking for a person to help our editors out with formatting tasks. What does that mean? Well, here is an explanation: ## Wordpress shortcodes ## We're using Wordpress shortcodes to format the majority of our articles, so you should be used to work with such codes and know how to include them into a Wordpress article. All of our shortcodes are accessible in our documentation. So you don't have to come up with shortcodes, but instead use the ones we have creatively to end up with a beautifully formatted post. ## Tables ## You will need to create tables from the information that our writers provide you with. Most of the tables will be made by the writers, and you have to intelligently put them together in a table with our shortcodes. ## Attention to detail ## You need to have attention to detail. It should bother you to the bones if something "just doesn't look right" in an article and you must be willing to fiddle around until satisfied. Sometimes the shortcodes can be a bit bitchy. ## An eye for design ## You need to come with an eye for design, which means, we're looking for somebody who understands that good formatting doesn't mean: add as many shortcodes as possible but rather use them to guide the reader through very long pieces of content (that's what we publish). ## You need to understand and ideally write well in English ## This is a major bonus if you can write well. But you MUST read and understand the article's contents to format it correctly. A background in tech certainly helps here because our articles tend to be about software related topics. ## Create, upload screenshots, add captions ## While formatting the article you may need to create screenshots of the app or service that is being described. This may require you to sign up for a free trial and browse through the software and take the specific screenshots. Those screenshots need to be compressed, renamed and uploaded to our Wordpress image database, then included into the article. If you think you bring these qualification the table, we're happy to hear from you.

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