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Wanted: Growth Manager to Scale our Marketing & Sales efforts [CLOSED]

Full Time

Salary: 1200.00 USD
Salary Type: Monthly

Google Adwords Email Marketing Content Marketing Research Project Management English - writing


  • Work in an awesome remote team
  • Entry to Mid-Level
  • Report to Founder
  • High Growth Potential
  • Anywhere in the World


Team Croco is looking for a Growth Manager who can help them improve their lead generation processes. This is a position that can be done from anywhere in the world and is perfect for someone who is analytical, communicative, passionate about improving processes, and wants to grow with a fun, fast-moving team.

About Us

Team Croco helps brands and agencies improve their online conversions. We help eCommerce companies increase the number of people buying on their sites through A/B testing. Our team is fully is distributed. We believe that everybody should have the freedom to live and work where they want and to have the opportunity to work on amazing projects. That’s why we don’t have an office but work fully online with amazing people for awesome clients from all over the world. Learn more about the team here.

The Role

Right now we are building the processes to bring in more inbound and outbound leads.

Our lead generation will start with:

  1. Outbound – Linkedin and cold email
  2. Inbound – Guest blogging and featured content

We already have some of these processes in place as well as the resources to execute. We need a Growth Manager who can manage these processes, improve on them, and report on them.

The Growth Manager will be working with an assistant to help execute these things. The most important part of this job is managing the processes and making sure they are improving. Because these are new processes, there are lots of opportunities for the new Growth Manager to have a significant role in how these processes are shaped.

This is a full-time role but if you are the right candidate and can’t start full-time, we’ll be able to arrange something with part-time hours.

Requirements and Day to Day

We are looking for a Growth Manager who:

  • Knows how to target on Linkedin
  • Can craft drip messages and email campaigns
  • Can create sales materials
  • Able to set up automation
  • Manage the content calendar
  • Manage the newsletter
  • Can run and optimize sales funnels
  • Understands keyword research
  • Experience with re-targeting and PPC

Who is the ideal candidate?

To be considered for this position, you don’t have to be an expert.

We are looking for someone who:

  • Is analytical and communicative
  • Has a proven understanding of the concepts
  • Has a marketing background and experience working remotely

Although this role can be done from anywhere in the world, we prefer someone who has more stability and consistency with their location.

We are a small, close-knit team, and we are looking for someone who can be a part of our culture. Whenever we grow our team we look for people who are passionate about what we’re doing and prioritize their learning and growth. There are many opportunities to have a voice and be heard. We encourage expanding your knowledge and provide the resources to become an expert in the areas you desire to grow in.

If you are an analytical person who is able to run our processes, improve them, and report on it, then we would love to speak with you!


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