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Virtual Receptionist [CLOSED]

Full Time 800.00 - 1000.00 USD Type: Monthly

We here at Veta Virtual are located in Toronto. We’re a fast-growing start-up company, looking for friendly, upbeat employees.

What we do is simple: we make various businesses’ lives much easier by offering customizable receptionist and assistant services. What’s exciting here is this - remember all those missed calls and unreturned messages? We pick them all up! When business gets heated, we’re here to stop business owners from losing out on customers.

Sometimes it seems like there’s entirely too much to do and too little time to do it in - that’s where we jump in. We help business owners to free up their time & pick up their revenue! We work with all kinds of businesses, lawyers and law firms, cleaning companies, spas, speech therapists, and even audiologists!

At Veta Virtual, with the diversity of our clients, you tend to learn something new and interesting every day. We offer fully remote work opportunities and competitive pay to all our employees. Now, let’s cut to the chase - what exactly are our responsibilities? Primary responsibilities:

  • Answering calls for a variety of small businesses and professionals. We work with all kinds of people and companies, collaborating with our clients to provide the best possible service.
  • Taking messages, booking appointments, and transferring calls
  • Understanding callers' needs and providing business information, provided we have an FAQ handy, we’ll be able to answer any questions & cater to any needs the caller may have.
  • Being part of our small team with everyone doing their best to promote our company and help it grow.

Now, what we’re looking for in a worker is, essentially, all the necessary skills for a receptionist and an assistant. Be sure to bring with you a good work ethic and especially a professional and polite demeanor.

What we value is what we offer, and that translates over to our clients!

Prior work experience is, of course, appreciated but not required. All we ask of you is a strong memory, a quiet environment, and Daily availability of at least 9 hours/day, 5 days/week between 9 am-9 pm Eastern Time. On the technical side, you’ll need good internet, typing speed (around 50 WPM), and equipment (headset & computer). All training is done by us and there is a 3-day trial period so we can figure out if you’re a good fit for us and if we are a good fit for you.

All our employees right now are working from the comfort of their homes in their respective countries.
We are a fast-growing start-up company looking for agents that are self-starters, and looking to grow with the company. We are a small team of 16 right now and having a strong team is very important to us. If you are ready to grow within your role and eventually out of it, contact us!

Veta Virtual

Hi there! We're a fast-growing start-up company established in February 2021. Here's the problem: You’re looking for a service, find a business onl...

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