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Virtual Office Manager / Customer Happiness Specialist [CLOSED]

Full Time Negotiable

Admin Assistant English - speaking English - writing

About the Role:

You’ll be a valued team member of Autoimmune Wellness Ltd / IBD Success Ltd / (who trade as www.AutoimmuneInstitute.com and www.IamGregWilliams.com). Our companies operate in the natural health and wellness space.

The Virtual Office Manager the glue that keeps it all together and allows us to deliver products and services to our customers / clients and run our businesses smoothly and effectively.

This is a fully remote role and a great opportunity for someone to really develop and grow in the company and take on increased responsibilities over time.

The key objectives and responsibilities of the role is to support the CEO in daily organization, tracking and accountability of critical tasks, manage the day-to-day details of our businesses, lead exciting projects and provide world class customer support to our many customers. You will be the first person that many of our clients and customers interact with, and so you’ll appreciate the importance of first impressions and customer happiness in the competitive landscape in which we operate.

This is a virtual, flexible position, where you will be able to work from anywhere you like (provided it has an internet connection).

Responsibilities & Tasks:

  • Provide world class customer support, ensuring that customer (and potential customer) enquiries (which come via email, FB messenger and FB comments) are responded to in a timely manner.
  • Complete financial and operational reporting tasks, in a timely, accurate manner to help support better managerial decision making (includes metrics spreadsheet and split testing)
  • Upload emails, blog posts, videos and social media posts as required an in accordance with our systems and timings.
  • Support our stock tracking processes.
  • Lead Management (includes booking in consultation applicants, send pre-consult email, add details to contact spreadsheet, etc, sending consultation reminder emails (24 hours prior to a call) and follow‐up potential leads and past consultees).
  • Help us systemise our business and optimize our operations manual of templates, scripts and SOP - for better usage, results and business continuity.
  • Support our social media strategy and presence.
  • Ad hoc tasks – including setting up new products, email list management, search engine optimisation and conversion rate optimisation.
  • Be the ‘gatekeeper’: Protect the schedule, time & energy of the CEO
  • Keep websites up to date and operating efficiently (includes keeping WordPress plugins up to date)
  • Work with the entire team to keep the business running smoothly, whatever duty that might entail.

You will work with the CEO to review these measures / responsibilities regularly, and make additions, changes or adjustments as necessary. As the person in the role gains experience, she/he may be eligible to take on additional responsibilities and projects, and progress in the company.

What You Need

At Autoimmune Wellness Ltd / IBD Success Ltd, we only want to work with rock stars who’ve got great energy and are internally motivated to be their best. We’re excited to offer an opportunity that will develop you personally and professionally. However, we require that you demonstrate the following traits upon starting:

  • Excellent Written English - You will be supporting our customers so excellent written English skills are essential.
  • High Attention to Detail - You must have excellent attention to detail and the ability to accurately proof your own work.
  • Able to learn new software tools and systems quickly - We use a variety of systems including Shopify, Wordpress, Klaviyo, AWEBER, Canva, Freshdesk, Facebook, Google docs, Google Analytics, and others so you’ll preferably already have experience in some of these and be willing and able to learn new systems through a variety of methods.
  • Intelligent, Self Motivated, Highly Organised and Confident in Asking Questions - You’ll be working remotely with communication across a variety of channels so we need to be sure that you ask questions if you are not sure of what to do and that you can be self-motivated and able to organise multiple streams of work effectively. That being said you will be expected to try and figure out the options before asking for advice.
  • Extremely Organised and Efficient – there are lots of different things you’ll be involved in and all need to be prioritised, managed and completed accurately, effectively and on time. You’ll need good organisation and planning skills and be serious about systems and processes. You should like to write lists and work from a checklist as much as possible (and help create those checklists).
  • Growth mindset – we want people who are looking to continuously improve and grow in all aspects of life, and continuously look to improve the work processes of the business. You won’t take things personally, have feelings hurt easily or get offended or easily frustrated. You’ll stay objective and likes to always use logic to make decisions.
  • Health / Wellness – you show a care for your own health and wellbeing, as well as that of others.
  • Honesty and Reliability – you’ll be able to work remotely and won’t have someone looking over your shoulder all day every day. You will need to be a self-starter and be honest and reliable.

This position is not for you if:

  • If you’re the type of person who likes “creative” work, as opposed to more “organiser” work.
  • You don’t like honest feedback.
  • You don’t value your own health.
  • Technology freaks you out and aren’t comfortable learning new things.
  • You get easily flustered by a lot of things going on at the same time.
  • You’re defensive, argumentative and blame others when things go wrong.
  • You’re not an open communicator. You’re afraid to voice your opinion or afraid to ask questions.
  • You have young children and plan to be working whilst looking after them at the same time.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Basic Microsoft skills, including Word and Excel and / or Google docs.
  • Comfortable serving a variety of individuals with a variety of personalities.
  • Friendly, well organised, and efficient

Preferred Requirements:

  • Experience with Wordpress, Shopify, AWEBER, and Freshdesk.
  • Exceptional customer service skills.
  • Able to easily adapt and navigate under pressure

Core Values:

In addition, all members of our team are expected to abide to the Core Values of our company, as follows:

  • We are passionate about making people’s lives better.
  • We enjoy our work, all contribute to a great work environment, and love to work as a team with a family spirit.
  • We are compassionate and responsible in our communications and relationships, showing others that we care, and treating everyone with respect and dignity.
  • We see every interaction as an opportunity to “wow”, striving for excellence in all aspects of our products and services and in every area of the company.
  • Each of us lead by example, valuing our own health and wellness.
  • We seek constant growth, innovation and creativity in all areas of our business.
  • We care about quality and safety, in our products, services, and environment.
  • We recognise that profitability is essential to our future success and contribution
  • We always seek to do the right thing.

Joint Accountabilities and Terms

The successful candidate for the role will begin a probationary period of between 30-90 days (to be discussed personally).

During this time, our company will train the candidate on our methods, tools and practices, and welcome them into our environment. We also provide the successful candidate with the tools, training, and support to become quickly comfortable and efficient in their role.

After the probationary period is complete, the company and the successful candidate will evaluate this agreement and mutually determine if it continues, or if it is to be changed, or discontinued. We will evaluate this together, based on the personality traits demonstrated, as well as work performance and team chemistry.

Who are we?

We are focused on helping sufferer of chronic health problems to feel good again using natural means.

We work with people all over the world. To complement our personalized services we offer a range of very high quality, trustworthy, beneficial supplements. These are currently sold primarily through our website or Amazon, as well as directly by health practitioners and natural health shops.

Our clients and customers very quickly transform their lives, with less pain, improved relationships and more energy, sex drive, and confidence than they have ever had before, and will often notice significant benefits within just 4-6 weeks from using our products or services.

We do this through our sites www.AutoimmuneInstitute.com and www.IamGregWilliams.com

Our purpose is to make the world, and individual lives better, by the fact we exist, both now, and for future generations.

We believe in a world where the vast majority of people diagnosed with chronic health conditions have access to information, support, expertise, products, services and testing to enable them to live a happy, energetic, healthy life on their terms with minimal or no long-term medication.

This not only helps the health of many people all the people we serve (thus improving their relationships, social life, happiness and contribution to society) but also allows for a substantial reduction in government spending on healthcare, allowing that money to be spent elsewhere, thereby creating compound benefits.

We aim to be THE trusted advisor and provider of health and wellbeing services and products, in Europe, for those with chronic health conditions, providing education, research backed information, and wow factor products, services and customer service. For anyone with an autoimmune condition / chronic health problem who wants to feel better, we are the logical, automatic choice.

We are an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, colour, religion, sex, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.


1 - If you’re interested in applying then please take a moment to fully review and consider the Requirements above, and if the position is right for you, including your availability and salary requirements.

2 - There will be multiple stages of the application process. We only want people willing to put effort into applying to work with us.

3 – The next step will be to click to apply and include the following information:

  • Tell us why you would be a good fit for this role. Start your application with the sentence “Hi there, I’m really interested in this role and feel I would be a good fit because…”.
  • What relevant work experience you have, what you are doing now for work, and why you are looking for a new opportunity.
  • The last 3 books that you read, or podcasts that you listen to. If you don’t read books or listen to podcasts then say so, that’s fine.
  • What you do for fun / what are your interests?
  • Can you spend a few minutes to do the Myers Briggs personality test (there are no right or wrong answers, just be honest without overthinking each question) - http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/jtypes2.asp . Take a screenshot of the final result, and attach your screenshot with your application.

Autoimmune Institute

We are focused on helping sufferer of chronic health problems to feel good again using natural means.

We work with people all over the w...

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