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Virtual assistant (writing email copy)

Part Time 6.00 - 8.00 USD Type: Hourly

English - writing

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How to write the best cover letter to land that job

Virtual assistant needed with excellent english writing skills to write personalised “attention grabbing” first lines and follow up “business reason” to be sent to B2B sales prospects.

What work will I be doing?

You will writing between 20-30 personalised “attention grabbing” first lines and "business reasons" per week (submitting them daily through google sheets).

The work is part time and can be done in daytime or evenings ( although they need to be submitted daily through google sheets).

The emphasis is on quality research and writing that compels the prospect to read the email!

Before submitting your first lines you must ensure to proofread them for any grammar or spelling mistakes.

Example “attention grabbing” personalised line

“Congratulations to you and your team at Computacenter on being awarded Dell Technologies 2021 EMEA channel partner of the year.”

Example “business reason” follow up line

“I believe we can use our marketing know how to help you leverage your partnership with Dell to land more business.”

How do you write a personalised first line?

You will need to research the prospect on Linkedin, blogs, company website and find something unique they recently have done to mentioned

A) Content they produced

Saw your latest industry report – incredible how {{statistic they mentioned}}!

Just saw the case study you published with {{customer}}. Awesome how you helped them increase conversions by 15%.

Really enjoyed your blog post on {{topic}} – will implement the advice in my next cold email campaign.

Loved the article you shared on LinkedIn yesterday about {{topic}}, sent it straight to my team’s Slack.

B) Compliment based

Saw your talk at {{event}} – loved the unique insights and hoping to test some of those ideas over the next few weeks!

Saw you were nominated for {{award}} – congrats!

C) Observant/noticing something

I noticed that you were recently launched a new product/service.

More in-depth instructions are featured in our personalised research video here

How do you write a "business reason"?

A business reason is the line directly after the "attention grabber" that tells the prospect why you think what the company you're contacting them from is relevant to their job role or company e.g “I believe we can use our marketing know how to help you leverage your partnership with Dell to land more business.”

The successful applicant will need to have excellent written English skills, basic technology industry knowledge, and a thorough approach to proofreading to ensure there are no errors before submitting the finished snippets.

How to apply for this role

To apply for this role, research one CMO, CEO or a B2B technology company on Linkedin, Twitter, blogs or other news websites and write one “attention grabbing” first line and "business reason". Keep each line to no longer than 3 sentences.

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