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Virtual Assistant (Part Time) for Personal & Business Task [CLOSED]

Part Time 10.00 USD Type: Hourly

Hey there, I’m looking for an all around VA that can manage startup tasks (building pages in Wordpress, researching skills, organizing support, scheduling newsletters, collecting information, etc.), as well as personal tasks (create a short morning yoga exercise, buy my dad a gift online, plan itinerary for upcoming trip, etc.). Things I'll need in my VA: You've gotta be creative & questioning. If you think of a better way to do something, tell me why your's is better and mine is stupid! Not sure about a step? Ask me immediately. Or, even better, figure it out and then email me your solution for confirmation. If I'm not getting questions about tasks I send you, that is a sure sign that something is wrong. I WANT questions and feedback. Must be communicative. You got a question? Ask. Something takes longer than expected? Tell. You need to be able to give status updates and communicate proactively, so we know what’s going on and can plan accordingly. We use Slack, Skype, GDrive and Trello for task. You will need to know how to use these tools and update them accordingly. Must use the words "Scar Tissue" in the second sentence of your application. This is to weed out all those annoying auto-applications. Must be able to keep track of and efficiently execute 'Standard Operating Procedures'. So that I can tell you to save an SOP like how to find contacts or create personalized emails, and then just tell you to follow that process later instead of having to re-explain it. Also, so I can tell you what to do when X happens, so that you perform Y automatically. Must be able to get things done FAST. I'll sometimes give you a tight deadline. I need to know you can get it done when I'm relying on you. If not, you need to tell me. Must be proficient in speaking and writing English. I’m not a native speaker myself, but English is the language that we speak and communicate in within the company, so you need to be able to express yourself. Must be able to devote at least 20 hours a week, occasionally more. Ideally, you will be around the $4-12/hour mark. If we click well together, I would love to be working together years from now and take you on full-time. If you are excellent and we stay together, your responsibilities and your pay will increase as my success (and therefore yours) grows. I am looking for someone who I will be able to have in the future as my full-time partner, managing a team of other VAs for me. Sound like you? Then I can't wait to talk to you. Cheers, - Julian


We are an Education Company teaching Marketers the data-driven way of Digital Marketing. We specialize in Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and...

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