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Virtual assistant for video content startup [CLOSED]

Part Time

Salary: 800.00 USD
Salary Type: Monthly

A UK based business that sells video creative design services to the UK and U.S. 

What we're looking for?

We need someone who is enthusiastichard-workinghighly organised and good at problem-solving to do work on generating new leads for More Video Ads.

This fully remote role is a great opportunity for someone to really develop and progress their marketing skills and take on more responsibility as we grow.About the role

The role will be focused on what we call the front end of the business, and will be split 50% between a traditional assistant role following up on my sales meeting emails, maximising my time to meet potential clients and the other 50% of the time on outreach marketing (see list below) and optimising the flow between the first time you reach out to a potential customer, qualifying them and either they sign up online to pay or arrange a call with myself the founder. It will be split up into these task categories below. 

You will have some experience of marketing B2B service businesses online, and although as a founder I will be available for weekly check-ins, the emphasis will be on self-learning, using google to find out the answer to a problem. For more complex software and processes, there will be online training available. It will be important that where there is not a process already in place, you research, try out and document the process for how you did something for other team members to use this system .

Software experience needed:

Experience using Gmail (priority inbox),

Google docs, sheets, forms.

We also use this software which you will be able to learn using online video tutorials.

Sales CRM - Pipedrive

Taskade.com - project management software. 

SPP.co - billing software

Direct lead generation

Email old leads that have gone quiet and arrange sales calls.
Set up cold email campaigns. 
Set up facebook messenger campaigns.
Set up Linkedin campaigns.
Set up direct mail campaigns. 


Create new database lists for partnerships, direct clients, etc

Competitor research.

Research client keywords for video content creation.

Social media updates and content

Review design assets across www.morevideoads.com, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram. Write content updates for both the blog, Linkedin, other social websites. Update social media

The role involves working with me (CEO) and Brynn (Operations Manager).

80 hours per month part-time. $800 The role will start with 30 day full paid trial period and then progress to a full-time role. A quarterly bonus will be paid for targets reached, based on new clients signed up from lead generation activity. 

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