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Virtual Assistant [CLOSED]

Full Time 800.00 EUR Type: Monthly

Social Media Marketi... Email Management Wordpress Community Forum Mode... English - speaking English - writing

Hello, I’m Wes, the founder of Product-Led Inc!

I’m currently hiring an experienced virtual assistant to join our growing team.

I'm looking for someone bright, hard-working, and ambitious who will be able to grow into more advanced positions within our company. This is a killer opportunity for a smart person wishing for a stable, interesting, growth-oriented job. You will learn a ton!

This is a fully remote, full-time position working with our team in Canada. We operate on the EST time zone but will only require 3 hrs of overlap with our 9AM-5PM EST schedule to make sure that we have time to collaborate.

We are one of the leading sites for SaaS leaders and are challenging an entire industry to rethink the way they grow their business. We’re passionate about helping our readers learn the latest tactics and strategies for growing their software business.

Culture is important to us. We value curiosity, taking action, playing the long game, and bringing your full energy to work. Our goal is to create a drama-free and supportive work environment where you can do your best work.

Responsibilities could include:

  1. Managing founder’s inbox

  2. Identifying sales opportunities to reach out to

  3. Enrolling selected opportunities in a sequence

  4. Publishing blog posts on Wordpress once edited

  5. Creating blog post images in Canva

  6. Finding backlink opportunities

  7. Distributing content

  8. Publishing content on social media

  9. Finding podcasts for the founder to be featured on

  10. Finding people to speak at our semi-annual Product-Led Summit

  11. Sending gifts and cards to speakers, clients, and thought leaders

  12. Maintaining the executive's appointment schedule by planning and scheduling meetings, conferences, teleconferences, and travel.

  13. Sending out invoices and proposals to clients

  14. Planning travel and accommodations for executive

  15. Upload videos, create show notes, etc.

  16. Community forum moderation

You are a perfect fit for the job if you are:

  • Extremely detail-oriented

  • Able to take an existing organization system, learn, use it, improve it and maintain it

  • Able to work remotely

  • Have excellent fluency in spoken English

  • Can easily write error-free American English

  • Self-motivated

  • Productive

  • Hungry for advancement

  • Take ownership for your responsibilities

  • A problem solver

  • Are trustworthy - you can handle passwords for confidential files and emails from our company and can handle the responsibility that comes with this function.

  • Are dependable - you show up on time.

  • Would like to work closely with an entrepreneur in a growing business, and be eager to learn new things. (For example, this would be a good mentorship for somebody who is looking to start their own online business someday).

This position is NOT for you if:

  • Are not organized

  • Technology freaks you out. You’re afraid of new technology, apps, computers, software, etc. You’re afraid to learn new things.

  • You get easily flustered by a lot of things going on at the same time

  • You’re defensive, argumentative and blame others when things go wrong

  • You’re not an open communicator. You’re afraid to voice your opinion or afraid to ask questions.

  • You have personal drama and like to gossip

  • You consider yourself more of a creative free spirit than an organized technology lover who loves to get things done.

  • Your availability is less than 8 hours consecutively on a given day.

  • You are not available to work for at least 4 hrs between 9AM-5PM EST.

  • You have young kiddos without any other child care help and plan to be working while watching small children at the same time.


Apply here on JobRack and:

  • Record a video using Loom (with the camera on) showing how you meet the requirements mentioned in the job application. The video must be under 5 minutes.

  • In your application, please attach your CV and a screenshot of your internet speed using a service like Speedtest.

  • Order these 10 statements from the most to the least significant to you (with 1 being the most significant and 10 being the least significant):

    • Interesting work

    • Full appreciation of work done

    • Promotion and growth within the organisation

    • Good wages

    • Chance to drive the business direction

    • Job security

    • Personal loyalty to employees

    • Tactful disciplining

    • Good working conditions

    • Sympathetic help with personal problems

  • Tell us your current location, expected pay, and whether you are seeking full or part-time work

  • Let us know your email address so we can contact you. :)

If selected for an interview, I'll personally be in touch. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Thank you for applying!

Product-Led Inc

Product-Led Inc helps world-class SaaS businesses sell millions without a traditional sales team through free trial and freemium models.

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