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Video Editing & Motion Graphics for a Growing Facebook & Instagram Ad Agency [CLOSED]

Part Time Negotiable

Video Marketing Adobe Photoshop (Gra... Video editing Design Management


We are a growing advertising agency specializing in direct response marketing on Facebook & Instagram. We always experiment with new ideas and refresh proven concepts, which means that we like to get creative input on a regular basis.

  • We're a marketing agency with various clients and campaigns, so you can expect a steady flow of work.

  • We handle 100% of the interactions with the customer.

  • This is currently a part-time role and can grow into full time (if you are interested).

  • We are not a startup so we’re not going to disappear and the right candidate will be looking at long-term work with us.

Applicants must include a reel or examples of their work.

About this role

As a Creative Producer, you will develop creative assets for Facebook & Instagram ads and posts. You will get a brief from the ad account manager, but it's up to you to implement it. In other words, we welcome your creativity and artistic direction. We always look for fresh ideas, designs and concepts to test.

A great Creative Producer has an eye for design, is playfully creative, and is able to generate new concepts while keeping one foot on the brand’s style guide. You know what inspires viewers to take action and can incorporate design elements into your creatives accordingly.

In this role you will have the chance to refresh company branding or build brand identities from the ground up. If you are good at combining strategic thinking with your creative output, this is the role for you. Include your favorite color at the top of the your application if you read this far.

The wins for this role

  1. Delivers fresh creatives while remaining true to the brand

    1. Able to come up with and execute multiple concepts for a message.

    2. Able to maintain key brand identity while also striving for fresh ideas to test.

    3. Have a passion for motion design and storytelling

  2. Able to create and deliver templatized assets

    1. Able to create and find a template that helps to execute numerous things across a brand

    2. Able to use templates effectively to create fresh assets

    3. Able to work on multiple projects at the same time

  3. Eye for design

    1. Ability to develop eye catching creative assets with a professional look & feel

    2. Intuitively knows when something is right without the need for endless tiny revisions

    3. You can make recommended cuts to a video and make everything sound good. You don’t need to be spoon fed every instruction – you just know what it needs.

    4. Able to apply basic graphics that look professional.

  4. Reliable team player

    1. Do what you say you’re going to do when you said you would do it.

    2. Great communicator (written and video chat) who does not disappear for days on end while we sit on unfinished work

    3. Able to thrive in a remote “Slack based” environment.

    4. You are looking for steady, continuous work - not a short-time gig to fill up time.

    5. Maintain and follow best practices for versioning control, naming convention and organization of graphic files. Include your favorite video editing tool in your application so we know you read this far.

Motion Graphics & Video editing skills

Video editing skills

  1. Cuts, simple edits, and adding or removing bumpers and branding

  2. Add graphics and basic animations

  3. Change aspect ratios and maintain quality

  4. Motion graphic design skills in After Effects

  5. Add text & animations to scenes

  6. High quality written communication

Graphic Design Skills (not mandatory)

  • This is not mandatory for this role but possible: we are also looking for a graphic designer for social media, websites, blogs and other still graphics. If you also do graphic design, feel free to include your past graphic design experience and portfolio.

About us

  • We are a remote team and communicate mostly over Slack and Zoom meetings.

  • We work during European business hours, though you can make your hours. We care more about results and reliability, not office hours.

  • Clients appreciate our reliability and high quality of work.

  • We’re a team of young, open-minded digital marketers looking to stand out by producing high-quality work.

  • We’re continuously developing ourselves and our skills, looking out for new trends to see what we can learn and apply.


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