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UX/UI Designer for Content Websites [CLOSED]

Full Time Negotiable

Website design User Interface Desig...

Hey there,

We need a rock star UI/UX designer to manage and improve the look and feel of our content websites. We serve well over 1 million unique visitors every month across a large portfolio of sites, and we need someone to work with our team of developers to introduce more advanced features and improvements to our sites as well as work on new ones that we launch.

Make no mistake, we’re not looking for a “nice looking” website or portfolio page that you can build with Elementor or other page builders. We need a UX/UI designer who can not only develop new ideas but also test them with engagement metrics. Most of our content is text so a lot of your work will revolve around improving how people read and consume our content.

This is a full time position that can be done fully remote, you only have to make sure to have a few hours overlap with CET time zone as most of our team works in Europe. If you live in Macedonia you can work with our lead developer in person, too.

Here is a short video from our founder, Mauricio: https://storyxpress.co/video/knoifqzdj36wqko1c

What you will do

Improve pages and design of our current portfolio of sites

Most of the time you’ll spend time improving the user experience on our current portfolio of sites which includes but is certainly not limited to:

  • Improving critical landing pages
  • Test layout features, like buttons, callouts, highlights, and tables
  • Work on the colors and fonts for call-to-actions to make our websites easier to read and convert better
  • Design new landing pages for our marketing team
  • Work on new features, such as product finders, quizzes and interactive graphics

Redesign entire websites

Even though our company is still young websites and designs tend to age quickly, so you’ll be responsible to work on redesigning entire websites which includes:

  • Pick the right color scheme for the topic of the site
  • Develop different page layouts for our articles (reviews, roundup posts, informational pieces, directories, listings etc…)
  • Work with our developers to put your ideas into real life websites with Figma or similar tools

Work on infographics & “Infotainment”

While not core part of your work, you will need to create visuals for our pages that illustrate certain concepts, for example: how does a coffee maker work? How much caffeine can you drink in a day? How to stay safe online? These infographics can be images but also part of an interactive map or feature.

What would your job look like?

If you had been working with us for the last few weeks these could have been a couple of your accomplishments:

  • You’ve successfully revamped one of our comparison tables and created better icons for several features. The table looks now better, cleaner and loads faster without much unnecessary clutter. Also, you’ve conducted an important A/B test of the layout to see if it actually performs better than the previous one.
  • One of our websites now has a title and copy text font pairing that’s easier to read and just works better.
  • You’ve conducted a test on one of our most visited landing pages to see where people get stuck and suggested an improvement which you turned into an A/B test VWO or Convertize.
  • You’ve developed a product finder with our head of product and head of development and made sure that it’s free of clutter, easy to use and beautiful.
  • You’ve worked on an infographic for one of our posts that had a lot of data points ensuring that it’s easy to understand and you’ve had one or two meetings with our editorial team to discuss the graphic
  • In your weekly routine you go through dozens of our pages and just don’t stop thinking about how to improve them developing ideas that you are eager to pitch to our head of content and product development team.

What should your qualifications look like?

  • 1+ years of experience developing websites, ideally websites that have published a lot of content in the past
  • Experience in validating hypotheses and optimize site experiences through qualitative and quantitative studies and A/B testing
  • Proficient with design tools like Sketch, Adobe XD, Photoshop etc.
  • Implement design modifications based on testing, customer feedback and product owner input.
  • Experience with an iterative design process: incorporating feedback, launching quickly and testing hypotheses
  • Work with the project lead to understand requirements for new and existing features
  • Collaborate with developers during sprints to answer questions and validate features as they are being developed.
  • Follow best practices and standards
  • Ability to effectively articulate design requirements to be used by the development team
  • Detail-oriented and have highly developed organizational skills including the ability to prioritize tasks and meet deadlines
  • General understanding of Web Development best practices (HTML5, CSS3)

What we are about

With 30+ people, we’re a remote team of hard-working and motivated people. Although we are highly mobile, we find that our best employees will work from home or a shared office.

We’re content publishers which means that we publish around 100.000 words of content each week across our portfolio of sites. Publishing is our first priority, we never delay an article because “it’s just not perfect”, if we can get it 80% there it’s usually enough and we can improve along the way.

We inspire ourselves and grow as a team. We love to give our employees the opportunity to grow and learn and you’ll work in a team of people who’ll inspire you to do great work.

Hundreds of thousands of visitors come to our websites every month to look for advice, find the best product for their needs or find the next travel destination (once we’re out of this pandemic).

We’re pretty serious about our work but we don’t take ourselves seriously.

How we work

Although the position is 100% remote, we are connected through Slack, pre-recorded videos, and Zoom meetings.

Occasionally we do work late into the evening or early in the morning in the European time zone. But as a general rule we keep those to a minimum.

All employees are on a contractor basis and work a 40 hour work week. They receive two weeks of paid holidays for every six months worked.

Our space moves quickly, so we're always learning and trying new things. If you're the type of person who finds it fulfilling to constantly learn and apply what you've learned then you'll fit right in here.

We make sure our plans and goals are clear. We’ll let you know what you need to do to reach the next milestone, and give you the opportunity to do it. The rest is up to you.

The role has a three-month trial period to assess whether we are a good fit as a team (fully paid of course). We expect to pay between 1000 to 1300 euros depending on your experience but are open to higher pay if you’ve senior experience and a great portfolio.

How to apply

YOU NEED TO FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS EXACTLY. Otherwise, your application cannot be considered.


You will need to fill in all the information in the application form which includes:

  1. A link to your CV and Portfolio on Dropbox or another file sharing platform
  2. A link to a screenshot of your internet speed test (use speedtest.net)
  3. Take this free personality test and submit the results
  4. Shoot a short 5 minute (NOT MORE) video introducing yourself to us:
    1. What excites you about this opportunity
    2. Why do you want to work for our company
    3. Tell us about a project where you took something ordinary and made it extraordinary
    4. What do you like to do when you’re having a quick break from work to recharge

We’re not looking for a high production value of your video, just take your phone and tell us about you. Please keep it 5 minutes or below, we will not watch more than 5 minutes anyway. Take your time with the video, think about your response – this job offer will be open for a few weeks.

We’re looking forward to be working with you!

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