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Tier 2 Technical Support [CLOSED]

Part Time

Salary: 7.00 USD
Salary Type: Hourly

HTML5 CSS2 CSS3 Javascript basics (u... jQuery PHP Mysql / MariaDB

Job Requirements

As a Tier 2 Technical support you would be responsible for solving higher-level Support issues that are not able to be handled by Tier 1 Support staff. These issues are generally not urgent, so we would assign them to be worked in batches, and so you’d only need to work two days a week.

Our company designs and hosts websites in WordPress, so having a great knowledge of WordPress core would be ideal, as this is the base for most of the support-related issues we get. Also, all our sites are hosted on Ubuntu servers, and therefore good familiarity with Ubuntu should be helpful for troubleshooting some issues.

From a personal standpoint, you would need to be a highly-likable person, easy to work with and represent our company in a very professional manner. You must also be highly detail-oriented and organized with excellent analytic and problem-solving abilities. It is also important that you display excellent verbal and written communication and interpersonal skills.

  • More than one year of working experience in Tier 2 Support/Senior System Administrator jobs.

  • Must be have expert knowledge in administering WordPress Core

  • Must have extremely good understanding of PHP in order to identify issues with WordPress themes and plugins

  • Must have a great understanding of CSS and HTML

  • Must be moderately proficient with Linux servers (we are focused mostly on Ubuntu servers)

  • Must posses moderate knowledge of MySQL troubleshooting techniques.

  • Basic Javascript knowledge is a plus.


Job Responsibilities

Your primary duties as a Tier 2 Technical support will include:

  • The job will include configuration, installation, troubleshooting, problem resolution for Ubuntu based Linux servers that have the WordPress CMS installed on them.


Secondary duties

  • Provides functional customer service solutions for clients and TownWeb hosting and website systems.

  • Assists users with moderately complex problems or requests.

  • Follows established Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) with some review.


Future Career Path

Our company is growing and we have awesome opportunities for future personal growth with expanding responsibilities.

  • Participates as a team member in various roles by helping with technical aspects of internal projects.

  • Help write the technical specifications and documentation of moderately complex projects.

  • Evaluates and tests new products in a quality assurance process to certify readiness for TownWeb clients


General Overview of Work

  • Somebody who can work two shifts per week. Therefore 10+ hours committed per week.

  • People who are kind, polite and who are just pleasant to be around.

  • Excellent understanding of English


Things You Would Not Be Doing

  • You would not need to interact directly with customers. Instead, you’d communicate the questions and answers to our Tier 1 staff who would speak on your behalf.

  • You would not be involved in sales activities

  • Although our customers are in the US, you generally would not need to work during US hours. The work can be performed at other times.


Pay Wage

  • You would start at $7.00 USD/hr for minimum 10 hours of work each week.

  • After the first 40 hrs of probationary period (basically, after the first month) the pay would jump to $8.00 USD/hr

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