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Social Seller (Lead Gen, Appointm Setter, Qualifier - Base + Com)

Part Time Negotiable

Social Media Marketi... Sales Representative Sales Management

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Part Time 500.00 USD Type: Monthly


Our business (www.coachmarketinghub.com & www.tinadahen.com) sells business coaching packages & software to individuals who want to build a coaching business online.

We need someone who is outgoing, enthusiastic, hard-working, highly organised, communicative and problem-solving to do work on lead generation & appointment setting on social media.

This fully remote role is a great opportunity for someone to really develop and progress their marketing & sales skills and take on more responsibility as we grow.

We have lots of opportunities for you here to make a lot of money, based on how much you sell.

Full support will be provided when you first start working with us, including training in how to do each thing you work on.

About the role

Do you identify as an absolute go-getter? Do you know how to get stuff done? You LOVE hitting goals and KPIs?

We are looking for what can only be described as someone who is confident, self motivated, and can follow directions.

The people who'd benefit from this role the most would be someone who has the entrepreneurial drive and work through challenges as they come up.

Our firm, Dahmen Consulting, has been providing coaching & software services for 1,5 years now.

We work fast and love speed- and we would love you to support us with growing the company fast.

Our firm is growing fast and we are ready to hire a lead generation specialist aka "Sell Via DMer".

With this exciting part-time role as a Social Seller, you have the chance to increase your salary earning great commission. Prove your value, learn new skills and make good money. All work is fully remote - so you can work from anywhere.

Initial pay of $500/ month plus commission once you are fully trained. The commission is attractive, the products are an easy sell, so the better you get at your role, the more money you will see coming in.

Once you are fully trained up, the earning potential can be between $3k-$5k / mo at the minimum (depending on how good you are)- the sky is the limit.

There is also opportunity for promotion. You can look forward to yearly pay rises, the longer you stay with the company, the more you will earn.

This is suitable for someone hard-working, who doesn’t get discouraged by receiving “no” as an answer, is determined and persistent.

You’ll be learning a lot about sales & “selling in direct messages”. You won’t ever be comfortable just coasting along. This is a demanding role, with tons of support to help you improve your skills.

You will be expected to take responsibility for studying marketing techniques to improve your skills every day. You will have access to dozens of top-of-the-line online training courses, and the chance to actually do the work, make some mistakes and learn from experience.

The role involves working with me (CEO).

What does this role entail?

- Social media management (posts, engaging in FB groups, outreach, lead generation)

- Appointment setting via messenger (scripts & software provided)

- Outreach to potential clients (scripts & software provided)

- Nurturing existing contacts (scripts & software provided)

- You will help to grow our email list & FB group daily (scripts & software provided)

- Once you are comfortable with the above, you will be trained to do the 15 minutes “Qualifier Calls” with the appointments you have set, qualify people if they are a good fit for us & then book them in for a strategy session

To know if you are successful in this role, you will have to hit weekly KPIs.

Tasks will be set up in our project management system, and need to be ticked off in there so we can keep track of what has been done.

We have detailed processes written up for how to do this job, however, sometimes there will be situations where you would need to communicate with prospects off script, depending on how the conversation goes. Whenever there is a task that involves figuring something out you will be expected to study how to do it, come up with options and get approval before implementing it.

You work a 20 hour work week and you get one week paid holiday for every six months worked. (You can choose to work more if you like, as the more your work, the more commissionable sales you will make).

There will be a 3-month trial period for the role to check that we are a good match for each other (fully paid of course).

Experience in social media, lead generation, appointment setting, sell via DMs is beneficial.

About you

We need someone who is:

  • extremely communicative, confident, chatty, able to follow instructions & persistent - this is a lead generation role which overlaps with sales as well. There will be lots of “nos” coming your way at the beginning, which is normal in sales, until you become really good at qualifying prospects & finding the right people for us.
  • hard-working – we don’t mess around here. We get a lot done very quickly. You will need to as well.
  • Intelligent and good at objection handling – there are lots of objections people throw at you when you’re working in online marketing & sales. You will be expected to come up with answers to handle objections, present them to me before replying to the prospects
  • Very good at written and spoken English
  • available to work at least 2 hours of your working day between 8am and 3 pm Berlin Time for the next 2 months, after those 2 months at least 1 hour between 8am and 3pm Bali time
  • ideally have 6 months + experience with social media lead generation and sales

About Us

Dahmen Consulting & Coach Marketing Hub helps course creators, coaches and consultants to build profitable online course & coaching businesses, market and sell those organically on social media.

We are at the cutting edge of the latest online marketing techniques – including software and email personalisation, automation, Facebook and more.

We’re a really fun, fast-moving company. We work hard, and we reward our staff well for doing a good job.

We communicate over Slack during the week and meet virtually on Zoom once/ week to discuss your KPIS.

How to apply


  1. Click the Apply button to complete the application form
  2. After you have filled out the form, please send an email to helloATtinadahmen.com (type @ instead of AT) with the subject line “Social Seller Application” and let us know you have filled out the form.
  3. In the email attach a screenshot of your internet speed (visit Speedtest.net)

I look forward to hearing from you.



Dahmen Consulting

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Dahmen Consulting


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