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Social Media & Content Manager (No Experience Needed) [CLOSED]

Full Time

Salary: 6.00 USD
Salary Type: Hourly

(NOTE: As long as this job post is up, it means that I am still hiring. Go ahead to apply if this sounds interesting to you. Don't be intimidated by the number of applicants. We will take as many people who prove to be a good fit. If you have a lot of experience and want a more senior role than this, apply anyways and we'll chat from there)


I’m currently hiring multiple people to join our editorial team in creating content, and manage specific social media accounts. There are no limits to how many we will hire. If you are a good fit, we will bring you on. We are almost always hiring. We’re so excited that you might be interested and can’t wait to meet you.

I'm looking for bright, hard-working, ambitious individuals to grow into more advanced marketing manager positions within our company. We are building out several teams in Marketing, Monetization, Traffic, and Content. This is an entry-level position that can grow into something more. All our senior team members started from this position. This is a killer opportunity for a smart person wishing for a stable, interesting, growth-oriented job. You will learn a ton!

This is a fully remote, Full-Time position working with our teams in the US. We operate in US west coast time (PST time zone). The successful candidate must be available to work in US west-coast PST hours.

We are one of the leading sites for US retail and coupon deals. Over 90% of our audience are women in the US between 23-40. We’re passionate about helping our readers save money and score the latest deals. Last year, we’ve helped 5 million people find deals. Our virtual team consists of 30 amazing people (90% full time).

Culture is important to us. We value honesty, hard work, persistence, resilience, open communication, and being a team player to create a drama-free and supportive work environment; and doing the best work possible to create killer user experiences for our audience of passionate readers. We've been hiring in eastern Europe ("team EU") for over 4 years, and we've never had someone from editorial or marketing team from EU quit (0% turnover from team EU).

We are looking for smart, technologically savvy, responsible people to join our team. The successful candidates will be fully trained and supported.

Your Experience & Skills:

  • Exceptional and fluent written American English.

  • Excellent and open communicator.

  • Being open to learning Photoshop.

  • No relevant experience is required. If you have relevant experience, that’ll be a bonus. If you are a smart person with exceptional written English, you can learn anything. Everyone is fully supported and will be taught marketable skills that will boost your resume. Your work will be seen by millions of people.

  • Experience with and comfortable working with a remote team

Soft Skills:

  • Problem solver who doesn’t get freaked out by things you don’t understand. Instead, you look at it as an opportunity to develop your skill-sets further.

  • Detail oriented, efficient, positive, hard-working.

  • Trustworthy, driven, responsible, committed and reliable.

  • You care about the quality of your of work, no matter where you are at.

  • Self-Starter - You see things that need to be done before asked to. You work well independently. But you also work well with an open and supportive team.

  • You embrace technology with open arms and get excited about learning new systems and ways of doing things smarter

  • We are looking for someone who is available for at least 8am to 5pm PST shift. You may be scheduled at an earlier time, but you must be okay if scheduled for 8-5. We strongly prefer candidates who are open to working 12pm-9pm PST when needed. For those open to working at least the graveyard shift (5pm-9pm PST) will be paid 20% more for those late evening hours.

  • You must be available to work Sundays in PST time. You will have two days off each week.

Ideal Bonus Experiences (But Not Required):

  • Proficient in Photoshop

  • Knowledge of marketing concepts

This position is NOT for you if:

  • Technology freaks you out. You’re afraid of new technology, apps, computers, software, etc. You’re afraid to learn new things.

  • You get easily flustered by a lot of things going on at the same time

  • You’re defensive, argumentative and blame others when things go wrong

  • You’re not an open communicator. You’re afraid to voice your opinion or afraid to ask questions.

  • You have personal drama and like to gossip

  • You consider yourself more of a creative free spirit than an organized technology lover who loves to get things done.

  • Your availability is less than 8 hours consecutively on a given day.

  • You are not available to cover 8am-5pm PST 

  • You have young kiddos without any other child care help and plan to be working while watching small children at the same time.

  • You are not willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement


  • Training is typically unpaid. We use this time to determine if we are mutually a good fit. Training takes 2-4 weeks, depending on how quickly you pick things up. If you cannot do unpaid training, let me know. 

  • You would start with $640 USD per month for 40 hours of work per week ($4 per hour). Maximum for this position is $1120 USD for 40 hours ($7 per hour).

  • You will be eligible for additional benefits and bonuses based on company and individual performance.


Send me a message. Including at least answers to the following to be considered:

1. Tell me about yourself? If you have any relevant experience (Optional), let me know about them. Tell me about your previous work experience.

2. What is your availability? Please provide days of week and time ranges of when you are available for work. IMPORTANT: Make sure to convert time into PST timezone. Use WorldTimeBuddy.com if you need.

3. What kind of computer will you be working on? How old is the computer?

4. What are some of your favorite sites and why?

5. Can you spend a few minutes to do the Myers Briggs personality test? We use this to better understand where is the best place on the team for you.

There are no wrong answers. Just answer honestly. Don't over think each question. Don't ask anyone else for the answer (since it sways your natural results). Take a screenshot of the final result. Attach your screenshot with your application.


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