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Skilled, Passionate, Creative WordPress Developer for Cannabis Industry Website [CLOSED]

Full Time

Salary: Negotiable

HTML5 CSS3 SASS LESS Javascript Advanced... Bootstrap PHP

Skilled, Passionate, Creative WordPress Developer for Cannabis Industry Website and Portfolio of Other Sites

Did you know that Canada recently legalized recreational Cannabis use? Well, did you know that Canada is now only one of two nations in the world to have such a law? 

As countries shift their views and laws on medicinal and recreational Cannabis use, it has created a rapidly growing market, but there remains a lot of restrictions on marketing, distribution, taxes, etc…, that other industries do not face.  We created Cannabis Stack <cannabisstack.com> to help these businesses find trusted partners, reliable information, and potential customers with a global business-to-business directory and events calendar for the legal Cannabis industry. 

We need your help in taking this work to the next level by developing a feature-rich, interactive member community, to help our members share information, develop relationships and grow their business in this industry.

We need your skills, commitment, innovation, and creativity to help us improve our existing offering and create our vision of a robust online community reputation-building tactics, matching features and other great ideas WE have yet to think of!

We also need you to tame, manage and grow a portfolio of other content web sites built with  WordPress, help us create and capture  best practices and processes so we may grow our portfolio and your team.  


Time + Project Management - You are fully capable of taking the lead on development projects and achieving project targets; you are able to manage your time and that of others.  You are also capable of communicating project status and risks through Asana or other agreed-upon tools.

Excellent to Fluent Spoken English + Emotional Intelligence - You understand that we need to be able to communicate with one another regarding methodology, business needs, work assignments and other types of communication to not only get the work done, but strategize on approaches.  There may be a need for some very light customer interaction via email or a ticketing system, so your customer service skills and your sense of humor will be put to use. Show us by making your answer to the last question in the application of a coding joke. 

Proactivity + Attention to Detail - As the entire team will be working remotely and we will all be depending on our online tools to communicate and process projects and tasks, you are proactive. You are never asked for status updates, because your updates are already posted.  :)

Coding/Technology - You have skills, but you are also passionate about what you do and interested in growing your skill set and experience.  You can do, understand, know the following:  

  • HTML/CSS/LESS/SASS - Understand the differences between versions, comfortable with LESS/SASS once set up, familiar with frameworks like Bootstrap.

  • JavaScript/AJAX - Comfortable with basic jQuery and native JavaScript, writing simple code and including/invoking 3rd party libraries and jQuery extensions.

  • PHP - Able to debug PHP, comfortable with actions, hooks, filters, variables and a wide range of codex functions.

  • SQL - Able to backup/restore tables and databases, amend records and run basic select/update/delete scripts safely. Experience of basic $wpdb usage.

  • Git - Branch management, push to deploy.

  • XML, JSON and 3rd party APIs - Able to perform basic 3rd party API integrations, or to debug, fix more complicated ones.

  • Cross-platform and cross-browser - Able to resolve advanced cross browser/platform inconsistencies.

  • Server Configuration - SSL install on WPEngine or similar managed hosting, error log debugging. Basic understanding of key stack components.

  • Responsive - Confident with Responsive techniques.

  • Development environment - Able to set up and maintain a development environment, be able to use JavaScript task runners.

  • Web standards - Familiar with web standards.

WordPress Skills:

  • API/codex knowledge - Have strong knowledge; can recall common functions and filters without reference.

  • Custom post types - Advanced custom post type generation

  • Custom post meta - Able to integrate 3rd party custom post meta libraries or plugins to achieve template customisation.

  • Shortcodes - Able to create shortcodes with simple arguments.

  • Plugins - Capable of advanced configuration of standard plugins, basic debugging, familiarity with basic configuration of more advanced plugins. Can produce complicated plugins.

  • Coding standards - Able to articulate the importance of coding standards, able to write coding standard-compliant code without reference to standards. 

  • Updates & maintenance - Able to run updates independently.

  • Security - Capable of implementing strong security on non-WordPress specialist hosting, understands basic secure coding practices and when to ask for help.

Bonus Skills

  • SEO - Able to provide solid but basic advice for on-site optimization. In fact, on the second to last question, please name three technical SEO best practices.

  • Analytics - Can integrate with site including tag managers, filters, etc... 

Where we are

We are a dispersed team based on the east coast of the US (New York City) and the Costa del Sol in Spain (Málaga) with content creators and customer support in the Philippines and Eastern Europe.  

Benefits of Working with Us:

We are open to new ideas and approaches.  If you are excited about expanding your skills and trying new things, we are open to that too and are willing to incorporate those ideas into our roadmap if it makes business sense.  

We are seeking someone to grow with us and see this growing into a Lead position.

The Nitty Gritty

Hourly wage is commensurate with experience and enthusiasm.

The role is 100% remote, you can work from anywhere you choose, so long as it has a strong internet connection and you are available for meetings.

The hours in which you work are flexible.  We do want an overlap with the East coast of the United States for approximately 20% of your time to answer questions in real-time and be available for scheduled meetings.

How to apply

Please fill out this application: Application Form

But before you do, there is one thing you should prepare in advance and that is a cover letter in a PDF format.  You will be able to submit it in the Application Form.  In your cover letter, include the usual points, but please be sure to include why you think you are a good fit for the role. And please review the requirements section and the bonus skills for information regarding the last two questions on the application.

Many thanks!


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