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Senior AngularJS frontend developer [CLOSED]

Project Basis Negotiable

We have a frontend AngularJS application that we need to have revised as we have been suffering from a series of performance problems. The main initial objective is to improve the application's responsiveness and fix some crashes that occur. The application connects to backend services via websocket as well as via ajax. The application is a SaaS single page app that loads information through static assets, Ajax and Websockets. We have been trying all the usual techniques but would like someone with more experience to look at the structure and app itself running and then give us some options for optimizing or refactoring parts. Some data needs to be preloaded on first load (ex: dropdown boxes that are re-used), etc, and we have "tabs" that open for different contexts. We notice that the system is not very snappy, and that at times after doing many actions for a certain amount of time 30min-3hrs varying, the chrome tab will show memory and CPU utilization very high and crash. We suspect there may be some leaking. If you are interested we can schedule a time so that the private app can be shown in a remote desktop scenario and you can check developer tools, etc and once the project is negotiated and accepted we will provide you with a copy of the sourcecode and make arrangements for the remote development.

NEO Software

Develoepers of a SaaS relationship and engagement platform. This includes omni channel communications focused on user and agent UX and CX as well as...

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