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Revenue Manager US$700/wk starting, US$1500/wk shortly [CLOSED]

Full Time 700.00 USD Type: Weekly

Read this very carefully before applying please. Your job is to manage a team of 5 support people and 1 support manager, to make sure that refunds and tickets are answered timely, to make sure the phones are working and answered, to make sure that all staffing schedules are respected, and customers are spoken to and helped out for refund saves and upsells and cancellations.

You must have perfect English very easy for a native American to understand. You must have a 100% reliable work ethic. You must be the kind of person who loves to help. You must be super organized, and you must love organizing others and seeing how things respond to your organizing and your directing.

Like everyone you like to be liked, but you are a person who makes sure the job is getting done and being liked is not the point. You make sure people show up, do their work, and meet their numbers, and if they don’t, you help us fix the problem even if it means finding new people or new training programs. You are great at getting the job done.

We’ll also show you how to handle chargebacks, and make sure our merchant accounts are monitored for chargebacks. We are fast growing and need someone to be super careful about what is and isn’t working. You’ll be creating a weekly chart of chargebacks and merchant accounts and monitoring them over months to see them declining and you’ll know our numbers at all times.

I ask you to respond with "Manager” in the subject line. Also please provide 3 recent books you've read, and a sentence of two on each. And provide 3 accomplishments, professional or personal, you are most proud of. And provide 3 questions for me about the job. Also provide a resume and tell me in a few paragraphs why you would be ideal for this job. If you don't respond this way I am sorry that I won't be looking at you as a serious candidate.

Do NOT use the Jobrack system to apply. I ignore that. This is a little test to see how you are doing with reading and responding. Email myrelationshipcoachmatt at gmail.com

This is work that is done on USA daytime and evening time. Your team works weekends and evenings but you don’t .

If you do well we hope you can be with us for many many years. We have many people who are with us for 10 or 15 years and we hope you are too. We give people continuous raises and lots of training. We start you at US$700 and we will give you continual raises without your having to ask (although you are welcome to ask.)

Now, I hope to hear from you soon. My process is back-and-forth emails, giving you and me a chance to get to know each other through email, and some free tests I’ll ask you to take. A final step is a video call but then you’ll hopefully be hired. It is a fairly quick process. We pay every week via wise.com.

Good luck to you!

Calworth Glenford LLC

We are a publishing company and we sell nutritional supplements. In business since 1996. Many of our workers (contract people) have been with us fo...

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