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Revenue Manager [CLOSED]

Full Time 2000.00 USD Type: Monthly

Financial Management

If you have a history in banking or finance and want something that is fascinating, pays much better, and has huge opportunities, then read on. Read this entire description BEFORE responding please.

I'm looking for someone who is a banker, who hates banking. If you aren't a banker, but you have something in a job that is similar (insurance or finance perhaps) then you still may be wonderful.

You need to have perfect English very easy for a native American to understand. You must have a 100% reliable work ethic. You must be the kind of person who loves to help. You must be super organized.

You must be a self-starter, interested in learning new skills and new stuff, and super fascinated with how far you can go in this world.

About us: We sell to men in a niche to help men with sex problems, diabetes, heart disease and more. Our products are on-line classes and nutritional supplements via a sister company.

We sell only to MEN, and many products are of a sexual nature (around ED for instance) so you have to be cool with that. They are in the health areas primarily for better health and a better sex life.

We are a very successful company in business since 1996 and we have team members who have been with us for 15 years or more.

We start pay at US$2000 per month, paid weekly, in this job and it can grow. We will give you continuous raises and expect to be paying you US$10000 per month or more...We will give you continual raises without your having to ask (although you are welcome to ask.)

In order to make sure we get candidates who are committed, and to judge compatibility…

…I ask you to respond with "revenue manager" in the subject line. Also please provide 3 recent books you've read, and a sentence of two on each. And provide 3 accomplishments, professional or personal, you are most proud of. And provide 3 questions for me about the job. Also provide a resume and tell me in a few paragraphs why you would be ideal for this job. If you don't respond this way I am sorry that I won't be looking at you as a serious candidate.

This is work that is done on USA daytime and evening time. I'm not intending on having you work weekends but you should be flexible.

I'll be teaching you how to run revenue opportunities. You have to be analytical, numbers driven. You are the skeptic in your group of friends, always finding the angles, the holes in the proposal, the way the company can get hurt, an angle that can increase profits (only legal and ethical ones are considered and we don't do black hat stuff.) you will be in charge of a very large budget and getting a return on investment through various traffic and networking opportunities. You will be working with senior management in our company as well as our Copywriting team.

You must be SUPER organized and keep detailed notes and always know where things are. Don't worry if you don't have experience at all in this. We are training you from the ground up. You will have a super premium skill but we will give you raises and you'll never want to go anywhere else (although you'll be getting constant offers.)

If you've run ads on Google, or Youtube, or Facebook, that is a plus, but not needed to qualify.

Our process for hiring is this: once you send me a (properly completed) response, I'll be asking you a series of questions and inviting your questions. I'll be having you do some free tests. If you pass all that, we'll have a few back and forths and then you'll be hired. Pay is once per week direct transfer into your account so you need a banking relationship that you can give us.

Calworth Glenford LLC

We are a publishing company and we sell nutritional supplements. In business since 1996. Many of our workers (contract people) have been with us fo...

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