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Remote Brand & Operations Manager [CLOSED]

Full Time Negotiable

KLIM Technologies is a company founded in 2015. It has experienced rapid growth to become one of the leading sellers on Amazon, by identifying opportunities in the market, superior operations, in-house quality improvement and truly exceptional customer service.


KLIM technologies is looking for a new Brand & Operations Manager. You will be responsible for the success of our products on the various marketplaces we operate on. You will be working at the frontier of what is ecommerce in 2021.

You will be in direct collaboration with the CEO and COO and will work closely with sourcing and logistics teams.

What are your duties and responsibilities?

New products are a key element of KLIM’s strategy. Over the past year, we’ve launched 4 new brands and over 40 new products. And it’s only the beginning as we should at least double that number in 2022!

To help us manage and optimize this growth, we’re looking for a Brand & Operations manager - New products. You will report to the Head of Growth.

You will be responsible for driving the sales performance of your portfolio of new products. You will be expected to have (a) a deep understanding of the market (b) comprehensive knowledge of all processes involved and (c) the ability to use your skill set to develop and execute a winning strategy at a product level.

At KLIM, we strongly believe that details are everything. We strongly value operational excellence. In most companies everyone is running around extinguishing fires of their own making and applying superficial band-aids to problems, and they are often celebrated for it.

We strive to work differently, go to the root causes of issues we face and apply long-term solutions.

You will be assigned a product portfolio and your responsibilities will include:

  • Decide the price and marketing strategy at a product level keeping customer interests in mind.
  • Analyse product performance frequently and arrive at logical conclusions.
  • Constantly course correct in response to the market. Speed is key.
  • Coordinate with the production and logistics teams to ensure that sufficient inventories are available to meet sales targets.
  • Communicate your decisions clearly to the team.

You’ll also have a view and a word on the company’s new products development strategy.

There is a ton of room for growth in this position. You can expect to be involved in highly strategic subjects early on (marketing & advertising strategy, new products development etc.).

But don’t worry - it will only come after proper training!

To fit this position

We hire mostly for abilities, as we strongly believe that with a willingness to learn a person can quickly get up to speed, but these would give you a starting advantage:

  • Good with numbers.
  • Able to work on spreadsheets (vlookups, sumifs are a must but honestly self-training on this is quite easy: Youtube is your friend).
  • Able to make sensible decisions based on various data points (revenue, profit, advertising spend, price, inventory…)
  • Appetite for growth: our department goal is clear: launch new products successfully to help the company grow. The quality of your everyday decisions will have a direct impact on the company's performance and potential growth.
  • Detail-oriented: Amazon operations are complex, details are everything.
  • Able to come up with creative tactics to boost your product’s performances (in many situations, there’s no procedure to follow so you’ll have to come up with your own solutions - how exciting!).
  • Curious & eager to learn.
  • Knowledge of Pay-per-Click advertising is a big plus, but not mandatory.

We also invite you to read our Playbook, so that you can make sure your philosophy matches the company’s.

And about the conditions?


You can choose to come to our head office in Chiang Mai, Thailand or do remote working. Or a mix of the two.

You will also have the opportunity once or twice a year to visit our offices and suppliers in Shenzhen.


  • Competitive compensation scheme based on profile + bonus based on your portfolio performance.
  • 20 days of paid vacation
  • Paid Maternity/Paternity Leave
  • Aggressive pay-rise policy: 2 per year, so 1 every 6 months (up to 5% at each pay rise)
  • A yearly bonus based on the company’s performance
  • Discretionary budget of 1500€ to cover for your IT, Learning & Development expenses and Gifts for your family and friends
  • The full catalogue of KLIM products

Working Hours

There is no fixed schedule, you make your own. You can expect a 40-hour weekly workload.

Due to time zone differences, we accept applications only from Asian and European time zones.


Once a year there will be a company retreat, most likely on a South East Asian island or in Europe, all expenses (accommodation, flights, activities, etc.) will be paid for.

Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions this policy may be affected.

We use every day the products we make and are passionate about them. You will feel this. We avoid excessive marketing to give the best prices possible to our customers. We seek to have the most direct relations with our customers.

We want to provide quality, durable electronics at a fair price, with exceptional customer after care.

In electronics a 0% defect rate will never be possible. But we strive for that goal. In our small circle of impact we want to ensure employees, customers and partners are treated well.


We are a young company, with a lot to learn. We will make mistakes but we will always make sure to own up to them and improve. And when we fail (because we failed, and will fail), we take responsibility, assist the customer and compensate him/her fairly.

IMPORTANT: all applicants must send their application through our questionnaire (use the link below) to be considered for any position. It's our policy to reply to all applications that arrive to our questionnaire. We always try to answer everyone within 7 working days for the first screening phase. We will reach out to you via email once the questionnaire is received and evaluated, so if you haven't received any email from us in more than 10 days please check if you sent the questionnaire properly, and also your spam inbox. We also invite you to read our Playbook, so that you can make sure your philosophy matches the company's.


KLIM Technologies

KLIM was started in 2015 with a $521 investment. We’ve had no outside investment and can freely decide our priorities.

Only the c...

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