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Project Manager With Web Backend and Frontend Experience Needed Numerous Projects [CLOSED]

Project Basis

Salary: Negotiable

Project Management English - speaking English - writing

Please note: It’s important to read the ENTIRE job posting carefully and follow instructions if you are the person we are looking for. Applicants that do not follow the outlined instructions will not be contacted.

Would you like to lead a web development project in the cryptocurrency market? We are looking to start off a few cool projects that help us and our clients who spend a lot of time in the crypto world. While you don't need to have any Bitcoins to your name, if would help if you have an interest in creating web-based platforms for this market.

Do you want to grow together and help us move towards our big ambitions? Get attractive bonuses based on your work results? In return, we will, of course, respect your local holidays and you can work from any location you want.

.Then keep reading!


This is just 100% you!

- We Love Personality!

- Attention to detail, down to every tag, loop, and condition

- Good organization skills to kickstart a project and see it until the end.

- When needed, you are not afraid to get your hands dirty, and code to get results.

- You are reliable, proactive and you can focus on the task at hand and be able to meet deadlines

- You are fluent in English and can communicate your thoughts and ideas clearly

- You have a stable high-speed internet connection, can work from home (or your office / co-working, etc.) without distractions and be available per Skype

- Love working in a dynamic environment where new challenges come up every day!

- Interest in crypto-world


You can be part of our team if

- You're a good timekeeper and always do your best to be on time and to meet deadlines.

- Your communication skills are great. You appreciate clear instructions for tasks and can communicate that to your team and will always try to keep us updated on your progress or problems.

-You like (and are good at) learning new things in the internet world, especially related to cryptocurrency world.

-You have experience hiring and managing a team of outsourced workers. Probably 1-2 at first.

-You can build a successful team

-You want to learn new skills, progress your career, and accept full responsibility for your team’s performance.


These are the skills we are looking for:

Awesome project management skills

Fluent English level - both written and spoken

Good knowledge of back-end technologies

Good knowledge of front-end technologies

Knowledge of web design

HR skills


Soft skills that we appreciate:

Cryptocurrency and blockchain knowledge

Social media marketing skills

Email marketing skills

Google marketing skills


About us

We are an active company with over eight projects that we are currently working on. We are looking to start a few new projects, which is where you come in. We create web-based platforms for our clients, and sometimes for internal use. I am based in New York, and typically work around the clock - so I'll be here to help you when you need.

How to apply?

Please start your application with: "The roof is on fire and, I am ...",and rate yourself from 1 to 10 (where 10 is super duper awesome) as to the following skills/platforms:

Project management:

Team leadership:




Web design:

Digital marketing:

English level(speaking/writing):

Also be sure to mention any extra skill & experience you might have that you think are relevant. Bonus skills are highly appreciated! Especially if you have Social media marketing, email marketing, or Google marketing skills.



Your typical work week would be between 20 - 30 hours. The salary is negotiable based on the skill set but in the range of $15-$20/h depending on your experience and skills. We have a bonus and salary increase plan based on your responsibility in individual projects and the success of those projects. We love ambition so if you want to improve your skills we offer you the room to do so and grow in the company.

Now - go on and apply already!



P.S. People who don't pay proper attention to this post and can't follow instructions to apply will be ignored instantly. Like we said we need people with attention to details.

Applicants: 20

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