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Project Manager For An Advertising Company- Detail Oriented Leader Needed- Full Time [CLOSED]

Full Time 2000.00 USD Type: Fixed Price

This job is ideal for someone who can manage and organize a network of virtual machines remotely and have various tasks performed by your team on a daily basis. This is not a programming job but is very detail and process driven. It will take strong organization skills and the ability to hire and manage a team of workers. We are an advertising company that specializes in social media promotions. Part of this business involves creating an army of social media accounts that are created and maintained by our team using Virtual Machines located in remote servers. Your job is to maintain the flow and creation of all aspects of this process. Including the screening, hiring and firing of the workers who will be doing the actual creation and processing of accounts. Here are some traits I'd like in our future Rockstar project manager -You're a good timekeeper, and always do your best to be on time and to meet deadlines. -Your communication skills are great. You appreciate clear instructions for tasks, and are able to communicate that to your team and will always try to keep us updated on your progress or problems. -You like (and are good at) learning new things in the internet world, especially related to internet business. -You have experience hiring and managing a team of outsourced workers. Probably 3 -5 at first. -You have a fast and secure computer to work from, and your internet connection is also decently quick and stable. -You want to learn new skills, progress your career, and accept full responsibility for your team’s performance. If this sounds like you please keep reading! Here’s some of the things you would be responsible for (guidance and training provided, of course) Learn and document our process for account creation and be able to effectively communicate this process to the workers, monitoring progress and doing quality checks to make sure our process is being executed as needed. None of this is hard, but there are a lot of details to be taken care of. -Place ads for and screen the workers for your team. We have had most success so far with outsourced workers in the $2-$3 per hour range. Most of the work is repetitive and not highly skilled. -Track progress and results of the actual accounts and always be looking for ways to make things more efficient and cost effective. -Keep the team motivated and on task. We will talk about different ways to incentivize the team and keep them happy and productive. -Research and development. The methods and processes we use are always subject to change and improvement. We would want you to be proactive in staying on top of industry changes. Some of our goals for this position We have the computing resources coming online to create up to 100 units per week. There are various levels of these accts some are fast and easy. Some much more complicated. Your job will simply be to make sure this gets done. You will be provided with everything you need and we will be mostly hands off, letting you execute the process as you see fit. Our goal is to not have to “worry” or spend our own time and energy on this aspect of the business. You will take this process and run it independently as your department. And here are some more details about the position.. -We are looking for someone full time who is only working for us. Not a free-lance type deal where you are working on a bunch of other projects. We will keep you busy. -You will be paid twice per month with no delays, always on time and the agreed amount. We can use Paypal or whatever is best for you. -This is a salary position, which to us means you work for us fulltime. At least 40 hours per week, but this is not a set thing and you won’t have to keep a time sheet. But since we will have workers going at all hours of day and night, you may pop in for a quick check at various times of day. You need to be very available. Overall this position comes with responsibilities but also freedom to make it your own. When you apply , please mention some of the following -Your general level of experience with some of the tasks I mentioned above. -Your past jobs (whether relevant or not). -Why you would like this job, and what excites you about the position. -Do you want to learn new skills that you can use to improve your work, and ultimately take on more responsibility. -Anything else you'd like to say about this position or why you think you're the right guy or gal for the job. -Please go to http://speedtest.net, run a test, and take a screenshot of your result. Make sure to crop your screenshot, it should look like this:https://gyazo.com/8f2abb1f02c66f52e062e469e847c7b1 So that's it! I hope you're interested in this position and I look forward to reading your application. At the end of your application, you can also include any questions that you have for me about this position. The last instruction I have is that you should start the application by saying: "Hi, I'd like to be your Rockstar project manager and I love details! Thanks a lot for taking the time to read this job post. Thanks, Sean & Teddy

OMA Media Agency

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