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Full Time

Salary: Negotiable

Affiliate Marketing Project Management


I’m an affiliate marketer, generating traffic through SEO. I’ve been doing this since 2011, and my sites and business have made seven figures worth of profits since then, regularly clocking high 5-figure months. 

As a project manager, you’ll have direct responsibility for the most important tasks moving the needle on the success of the business. 


There is a whole lot in SEO that can be systematized, automated and optimized – the better your skills become, the more amazing results can become – faster.


So, if you’re excited by building and optimizing systems, improving your skills and seeing numbers improve – this might just be the job for you. Nothing like the feeling of seeing your rankings improve or seeing traffic numbers soar. 


While SEO knowledge is appreciated, I’m looking for someone with the right attitude, someone who wants to learn, grow and make a difference.


I’ve come to realize my strength is much more in business development and that management isn’t my strongest suit. This is where you come in.


The position: Authority Website Manager


In this position, you’ll be in charge of starting a new authority site. 


An authority site is a website with multiple articles (let’s say around 50-100 minimum) of great content, which can be considered an authority source of information in the niche that it’s in.


I will provide you with guidance at every step of the way, talk you through work tasks, and teach you everything you need to know.


The position would require you to mostly focus on the following tasks:


1.    Content  – You don’t need to write the articles yourself, but you would be ultimately responsible for the content that makes it to the site. You will hire, train and manage writers, and keep the standard of the content on the site high. There will be strict processes in place so that you know you’re on the right track for all these tasks.


2.    Outreach – you’ll be getting in touch with other websites in order to build relationships within our industry, and get other website owners and influencers to promote our content.

3.    Create and manage processes – You will create processes for other employees to follow in order to complete the tasks you manage. You’ll also train other employees to follow these processes.


Here is an example for a process – “A step-by-step guide to posting an article on our site” (including finding appropriate photos, formatting, etc.). 


To start off with, we will do this task together a few times. After you understand the task, you will write a document that explains how to do the same thing – in a meticulous, detailed and easy to follow way.


You will then train other employees to follow these processes. You will also maintain update the process over time. We will work together closely on these. If the idea of creating a smooth system that runs well excites you – that’s what good processes do!


4.    Manage staff – eventually, you will be managing all the staff working on the site. This includes:

  • Training staff to do their jobs
  • Managing staff’s productivity & results
  • (Eventually) hiring new staff




I’m a good teacher, and I love teaching other people. I need someone who has the right attitude and has the ability to grasp new concepts quickly.


The best way to learn is to have the best resources and then to implement them. This job would teach you a skill set that would cost you tens of thousands of dollars to learn on your own.  I would be sure to provide you with learning programs and my knowledge at every step of the way, with the goal of making you a badass, independent manager. The right applicant will find this very exciting.


We are looking for someone who values growth and learning above all else – and we plan to nurture this value.




For us to work together long term, we should share our most basic values – growth, learning, truth, and ownership.


If you strongly agree with the statements below, you probably share our values.


  • Growth - I must constantly grow as a person. Otherwise, I am dying.
  • Learning - I have an insatiable appetite for knowledge, and I will continue learning for the rest of my life.
  • Truth – I feel like transparency, even when it’s not comfortable, is ultimately the best way to communicate and grow as a person and a business.
  • Ownership – I achieve the best results when I have the autonomy to do things “my way.” I take full responsibility for my successes and failures in life.



As an authority website project manager, we will talk regularly to discuss strategy for the site.


If you’re a fellow intellectual, these kinds of conversations will energize both of us.


I would prefer it if you were the kind of person who compliments my thinking. My brain comes up with a lot of ideas and directions – it would be good if your kind of thinking is focused on practicality and direction.


  • When you’re presented with a goal, your mind immediately comes up with the best way to achieve it.
  • When you’re given a few different ways to achieve the same goal, your brain can clearly see which is the most effective way to do it.


If your mind tends to think like that, I think our conversations are going to be very enjoyable and productive for both of us.



I’m a high-energy person, but I know that I get along better with people who are my opposite – lower energy, chilled out people.

If you are usually emotionally calm and collected, we are more likely to have a great working relationship long term.


While a lot of people dream of being able to work on their own schedule, getting things done without an external schedule requires a lot of discipline.

For this role, I’d like someone who’s always been that way. If you are the kind of person who:

  • Has a really organized “documents” folder, sorted by different categories, where everything is always easy to find.
  • Likes organizing their schedule to be able to pursue multiple things (e.g., work, social activities, sport).
  • Is good at estimating how long every task you do should take (including break, preparation and switching time). You love sticking to your schedule.
  • Feels that the more they have to do, the more organized and effective you naturally become.

Then you’re the kind of person I have in mind.


“What gets measured gets managed.”

Simply put, the right applicant would have no problem with being measured on exact metrics to see how well she does in her job.

More specifically - in this job, you’ll have to produce articles and reach out to other websites.

Each task will be measured (e.g., number of words posted per week, number of website owners contacted).

The right applicant would enjoy seeing their performance reflected in concrete numbers, and motivated by hitting goals and increasing performance over time.


While, eventually, you might not be the one writing and editing articles on the site, you will be responsible with keeping the standard of writing high – that means informative and useful while being enjoyable to read.

The same goes for communicating with other website owners – having great communication in written English is way more likely to create solid connections with other websites owners - and ultimately, results in the form of them promoting our sites.


While online marketing software isn’t very complicated, I would prefer you to be the kind of person who just “gets it” when it comes to learning new technologies:

Basically, it should mean you have no problem googling issues that arise when you are trying to teach yourself new skills

Also, specifically for this job, you should feel very comfortable using Wordpress.


While we are looking for people that have the right attitude and values (outlined above), experience with any of the following is a plus:

  • Management of SEO or other projects
  • Management and creation of processes
  • Keyword research
  • Team management


 This is a full time, independent location position. You could work from anywhere in the world – but you’ll be expected to be reachable for communication, and regularly deliver results.

We’re looking for someone who will grow with our company long term. The right person will be in charge of managing multiple sites and manage all the operations for the company. 

However, we’re going to start small, by starting a new project (website) together. We’ll also initially work together on a 3-month trial basis, which would allow us to assess long-term compatibility.

Initially, during this 6-month trial, the right candidate will be paid USD$1000-$1300 per month. If the trial goes well, we will negotiate a higher salary based on your performance.


There will be three steps to this application process.

  1. Video application
  2. Skills test
  3. Video Interview

1. Writing test and video application

You’ll be required to record a video answering both of the following questions:

  • Why do you want this position?
  • Why should we want you?

The video should be between 3-10 minutes in length and uploaded to a video-hosting service like Vimeo or youtube.

Send your video link in your application.

2. Skills test

You will be given a task that would simulate your daily activities your daily work with the company.

While I don’t expect you to know any skills coming into this job, this will test your ability to learn new skills and understand new concepts.

3. Video interview

We get on Skype and see that we get along well!

We’ll also do some brainstorming on a specific topic. I’d like to see how you think on the spot.

You will always be notified to see whether you passed around. While instructions at every point would be clear, you are free to communicate with my staff or me during the application process if you have any questions.

Applicants: 5

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