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Product Manager [CLOSED]

Part Time

Salary: 25.00 USD
Salary Type: Hourly

Project Management Software Development... Design Management Web Software Develop...

Fulcrum Ventures makes apps to help people succeed. We are looking for a permanent part time (10-15 hours/week; 5 days a week) Product Manager to learn and grow with us and become a key member of our team. 

This person will support Will (our founder) directly and the Fulcrum Ventures team in moving projects forward. Tasks will include managing developers to create mobile and web applications for our clients.

The right person will have 5 years experience managing software development teams, and a skill at translating high level product requirements into features and tasks.  

This a part time permanent role that could grow into a full-time role. Success in this role will come with raises and more responsibility over time. 
We want to make sure we have a crossover with our US Based team so you must be able to work at least 2-3 hours per day after 13:30 EE

In addition to monetary compensation, you will also benefit from being immersed in the world of technology and entrepreneurship and learn about creating hit products and finding success through interacting with our customers and founder.   

What's In It For You?: 

  • Work directly and learn from a successful entrepreneur who has created top apps including www.kindara.com 

  • Permanent part time role gives you security while also giving you flexibility

  • Room to grow in salary and responsibilities over time

  • Learn about new technologies while developing your skills in the realm of product management, software development, and product creation. 


Please note, training will be provided for all the tasks below. 

  1. Create product and feature specifications for apps in consultation with Will and our clients

  2. Create and maintain product roadmap for apps and products

  3. Break feature specifications down into tasks

  4. Run sprint planning meetings to organize team and get work done

  5. Respond to developers and product owners to remove uncertainty and keep projects moving forward

  6. Deliver working and bug-free software releases

  7. Manage distribution of apps through App Stores

  8. Report on progress to clients and project owners

  9. Review metrics and decide on future features based on product goals

  10. Work with designers to design new products, features and screens 


The right person will have the following skills and attributes: 

  1. Proven ability to manage developers, QA engineers and PM’s to create beautiful functional software.

  2. At least 5 years experience in product management, creating either web or mobile apps. 

  3. Ability to translate product requirements into designs, designs into prototypes, and prototypes into working software by managing the entire software creation process.  

  4. Orientation Towards Learning and Constant Improvement. Oriented towards self-directed learning. You take the lead to learn what you need to know in order to produce a result. 

  5. Excellent Written and Spoken English. Must have the ability to effectively communicate in a professional manner with customers and team members.  

  6. Integrity. Proven ability to do the right thing for long term relationships and long term success. 

  7. Detail Oriented. Ability to keep track of and organize the details of our affairs so things keep moving forward. 

  8. Joyful Spirit. Easy and fun to work with. Can-do attitude. Expectations of creating something grand and succeeding. 

  9. Technologically Literate. Ability to use technology well and learn new technologies quickly


Day to Day Tasks

This is what a common day in this role will look like: 

  1. Check product roadmaps in Jira or Clubhouse to make sure they are up to date

  2. Answer questions from developers in Slack 

  3. Update tickets in Jira or Clubhouse to remove any uncertainty

  4. Create specifications for future features in Confluence and break them down into tasks in Jira

  5. Work with designers to have features designed

  6. Run sprint retrospective and sprint planning with the team to plan the next two weeks of work

  7. Report to Will or clients on the progress of each project

Tools & Apps

Some of the technologies we use at Fulcrum Ventures: 

  1. Jira, Clubhouse or Pivotal Tracker for managing software creation

  2. Confluence or Google Docs for knowledge management 

  3. Testflight and BitRise for Beta Testing 

  4. Firebase for metrics 

  5. Sketch for design 

  6. Slack for day to day communications

  7. Asana for task management

  8. Google email and calendar for time management

  9. Wordpress for hosting our website

  10. Voxer or What's app for audio messaging

  11. Google docs for keeping track of information and Standard Operating Procedures

If this role sounds interesting to you please apply. We’re excited to meet you.

To Apply: 

To apply please include links to products you have helped create and your experience as a product manager. Click on the Apply button to complete the form. 


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