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Product Development - Video Editor [CLOSED]

Part Time


We have multiple e-commerce stores in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium and the US. (e.g. www.naturespeak.co)

The store generates stable revenue because we sell products that already did comparatively well in the american market and try to scale them in our local markets by creating viral posts on Facebook to reach millions of people.


  • Write and communicate in english (B2 is enough. you don`t have to be fluent) and manage the products in Shopify
  • Basically you have to edit the videos for the e-commerce business and for my personal brand on youtube
  • You will basically translate everything with Google Translator or DeepL.com
  • Learn to use modern Technologies like Trello, OneDrive, Shopify etc.
  • You will work very closely with me. So, we should share the same values, world views and

This is what you get

  • You have the freedom to work wherever you want
  • you are more flexible when you work
  • Opportunity to earn more over time (after 3 months when your trial is over)
  • get a lot of free Information


Our values:
1. If something has to be done, it has do be done! Results are priority!

2. We are open. If we have a problem, we tell. If we have an idea, we discuss. If we learned something new, we document!


languages: englisch, german, russian

Personality: "ESTJ", discussing with logic, facts and rationality, executive, love to tease, sociable and extraverted


How to apply:

Please apply with the Hashtag #strategic at the end of the CV so I know you have read the full description!

Include all your social media profiles! If you don`t have any, the job is likely not for you

Applicants: 22

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