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Personal Assistant (part time)

Part Time 10.00 - 12.00 USD Type: Hourly

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Are you obsessed with organization? Do you think you have really good taste, but also an appreciation for value? If so, keep reading...

I’m looking for a personal assistant to help me run my life. I am looking for someone who is available around 10-15 hours a week to help with a myriad of tasks and projects.

I’m very particular about certain things… (ex, which type of seat I select on an airplane.). If you geek out on that kind of stuff too, this might be a great fit!

Which qualities should you have?

There are a few qualities and character traits that are imperative for this role:

  • You don’t just rely on tripadvisor to find the best x in y.
  • You’re super organized and know how to organize files, folders and information for ease of retrieval.
  • You are a quick learner. I’m going to invest time to teach you my tastes, but I want you to pick up on things quickly.
  • Problem solver. Life is about problems and solutions. We find solutions quickly.
  • Curiosity. You are proactive, not just waiting on me to send tasks. And always looking for a better way to do things.
  • Digital savviness - tools and software come relatively easy to you.

What will you do?

  • Helping with travel needs, pre and during trips:
    • Flights (best options $ or using miles)
    • Lodging (where to stay)
    • Restaurants (research and make reservations)
    • Experiences (soccer matches, concerts, etc)
  • Doing research on a wide variety of topics.
  • Manage my calendar, and arrange meetings/calls.
  • Help me budget expenses in Mint.
  • Update my workout app with notes from my trainer.
  • Fill out random paperwork and forms.
  • Any other varied tasks.

What are the benefits of this role?

1. Location flexibility, as long as you are available, enthusiastic, committed, passionate and more or less permanently online. We are looking only for the best. If you are not the best, please do not apply. I travel quite a bit, so you’ll need to be a little flexible on the hours we overlap. It doesn’t need to be a “this time to that time” every day.

2. Working for someone who has built and sold a company - you'll learn lots and get lots of opportunities to ask questions and progress in various directions if you'd like to.

3. Eventually, I’d like for you to hire and train your replacement because new opportunities exist for you. I’d like to help create those opportunities.

Requirements (If you do not meet even one, please do not apply):

  • Excellent English skills (read & write & speaking).
  • Ability to work from anywhere without distraction
  • Good decision making skills.
  • Being a positive, hard working, fun guy or gal.
  • Being able to think outside the box and solve problems
  • Being highly available online.
  • Need to have an IPhone - this is so that you can update certain apps from my login.
  • You are looking to be my assistant - you are NOT an agency or looking to delegate my work to other people.

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Troy Gasnier

Hey, I'm Troy.

I'm an experience entrepreneur looking to level up my personal team with a few hires to make my life more efficient and the pr...

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